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The Myth of the Bipartisan Romney

During this campaign, and especially during the three debates, Mitt Romney has repeatedly proclaimed himself candidate that can reach across the aisle and build a consensus for good public policy. Sarah Jones reveals just how false that claim is, pointing out that Romney vetoed a staggering 800 bills in his term as Massachusetts governor — and got almost 90% of them overridden. Read more

What the Marriage Equality Votes Would Mean

On Nov. 6, four states — Washington, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota — will vote on referendums involving same-sex marriage, but they don’t all do the same thing. If the measures win in Maryland, Maine and Washington, it would actually legalize same-sex marriage; in Minnesota, if the measure fails, it will prevent a ban on same-sex marriage from being put in place but it won’t actually legalize same-sex marriage. Read more

World Series of Poker 2012

I stayed up pretty much all night on Tuesday night to watch the final three play for the title in the World Series of Poker main event and it was worth it. Three young guys, all in their 20s, had an amazing match. As I write this — I’ll update it later — they’ve played for 7 hours and no one has been knocked out yet. As of now, they’re in the same order they started in, with Greg Merson the chip leader, Jesse Sylvia in 2nd place and Jake Balsiger in 3rd. But holy cow, has it been a roller coaster ride. Read more

‘Family Values’ Legislator Liked to Screw His Patients

Remember Scott DesJarlais, the physician and “pro-family” Tennessee congressman who was caught on tape telling his mistress, who also happened to be his patient, to get an abortion so his wife wouldn’t find out about his affair? Turns out she wasn’t the only patient he had sex with: Read more

Joyner: Obama is Persecuting Christians!

I wonder what it would be like to go even a single day without some religious right loony striking the martyr pose and claiming to be persecuted with no evidence whatsoever. Here’s Rick Joyner delivering a truckload of bullshit on the subject: Read more