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ZOMG! Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Romney Campaign!

That’s the latest hysterical — not funny hysterical but batshit crazy hysterical — declaration from the completely unhinged Pam Geller and her fellow Islamophobes like Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer. Right Wing Watch has links to all the absurd accusations:

Anti-Muslim activists on the Right have consistently warned that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama administration. But if their unhinged McCarthyism is to be believed, then Mitt Romney’s campaign has been penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood as well, as Romney’s campaign has named George Salem, Samah Norquist and David Ramadan “National Co-Chairs of Arab Americans for Romney.”

Pamela Geller labeled George Salem’s Arab American Institute a “nototrious anti-Israel Israel [sic] organization” composed of “Islamic supremacists” and led by a “Jew hater.” She even suggested that the AAI seeks “Jewish annihilation” by backing Mideast peace efforts.

Geller, Frank Gaffney, Robert Spencer, William Murray, Andrea and James Lafferty and others sent a letter to Edwin Meese demanding he withdraw his endorsement of Virginia Del. David Ramadan because of his purported ties to Muammar Gadaffi and “radical views,” including his support for the right to build the Park 51 Islamic Community Center. James Lafferty said Ramadan is an “extremist” who should not even “be allowed to continue to live in the United States,” and Geller said he is a “stealth jihadist” and a “Muslim Brotherhood plant.”

Perhaps no chair of Romney’s committee is despised more than Samah Norquist, wife of conservative leader Grover Norquist. Glenn Beck and Jerry Boykin have said that Norquist is a lackey for the Muslim Brotherhood and according to anti-Muslim activists like Gaffney and David Horowitz, Norquist secretly converted to Islam and joined the Muslim Brotherhood at the behest of his wife.

I think it goes without saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is also under your bed and in your closet right now.


  1. Trebuchet says

    Muslim Brotherhood, Mormon Brotherhood – how can one tell the difference?

    One is a fake religion full of fanatics bent on world domination. The other is the major religion in the middle east.

  2. says

    Wait, “Ed Brayton”…. if we apply a little letter-rearranging-cryptography we get “Al Ghazali” That is right; this blog is run by the famous 11th century anti-science muslim philosopher. There are really muslims everywhere!!11!!

  3. says


    I think the main difference is caffeine and bacon. Mormons can have bacon, but not caffeine, and Muslims can have caffeine but not bacon. That is why I am a pastafarian as we can have caffeinated bacon.

  4. amenhotepstein says

    I think it goes without saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is also under your bed and in your closet right now.

    Yeah, they’re right next to God, watching you masturbate.

  5. daved says

    It’s getting so I can’t take a bath without six or seven Muslim Brotherhood members jumping in with me. They’re in my shirt cupboard!

  6. bmiller says

    Zinc Avenger for the win!

    Is her real name something like Pa’m al Gell? I demand to see her Long Form Birth Certificate. And it better look identical to all the other birth certificates EVER ISSUED by her birthplace.

  7. Uncle Glenny says

    So those who claim we need to shrink government so we can drown it in the bathtub are actually tools of the islamists, who will then be able to more easily take us over as part of the global caliphate?

  8. greg1466 says

    I particularly like the disconnect about seeking Jewish annihilation by supporting peace efforts. Though I suppose to be fair, followers of the Abrahamic god historically seem to define their existence by killing out-groups.

  9. yoav says

    Wait, if Grover Norquist is a secret muslim brotherhood terrorist, does it mean that every congresscritter who ever signed his pledge is also a muslim brotherhood stealth muslim? I’m just asking questions.

  10. says

    I understand that there obviously are crazy people all over this spinning blue ball; and I know that the internet tubes have made it possible for them to rapidly and widely spread the thoughts that they hear inside their heads.
    But Jesus ass-raping Christ, why does the United States seem to have them in such massive numbers? Do other countries put their dangerous mental defects in padded rooms and give them lots of pretty pills to help make the voices go away?

  11. John Hinkle says

    Glenn Beck and Jerry Boykin have said that Norquist is a lackey for the Muslim Brotherhood…

    Jeez, I wish Boykin and Geller and Beck would cut Grover some slack. It can’t have been easy growing up with the first name of a Sesame Street muppet. Think of all the diversity embracing that went on on Sesame Street! There’s only one conclusion from all this: it’s time to cut funding for Big Bird.

    That’s it, I’m voting for Mitt.

    Do I qualify to write idiotic conservative wingnut punditry now?

  12. Aaron says

    On a side note, why is our country so caught up with Israel? I get that they are our ‘ally’ but we sure talk about them a lot.

  13. hunter says

    gregg1416: “Though I suppose to be fair, followers of the Abrahamic god historically seem to define their existence by killing out-groups each other.”

    There. I think that’s a little clearer.

  14. says


    It’s not a question of either/or. Followers of Abrahamic religions are perfectly happy to kill each other if there aren’t easily accessible outsiders around.

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