Please Welcome Our New Bloggers

I’m very happy to announce two new blogs at FTB, A Million Gods and NonStampCollector. A Million Gods brings us a unique perspective, with Avicenna being a British Indian medical student who delights in skewering frauds like Deepak Chopra. NonStampCollector adds to our roster of video bloggers. So go visit his blog and his Youtube channel.

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  1. Ace of Sevens:

    Both great choices.

  2. TCC:

    I’m really glad to see Avicenna here; he and I have fought for some time now against anti-vaxers on facebook. Excellent move on both.

  3. F:

    Huh. I missed NonStampCollector earlier, but I didn’t have much time to peruse blogs anyway. Excellent additions, both.

  4. some bastard on the net:

    NonStampCollector has got to be one of my absolute favorite youtubers! An incredibly fine addition to FTB!

    I don’t know much about A Million Gods, but I certainly look forward to finding out.

  5. wickedmonk:

    Good to see Avicenna here.

  6. birgerjohansson:

    (OT) “Facing Prison for Protesting Stop-and-Frisk”

  7. zippythepinhead:

    NO! I hate change. I’m too old to start reading any new bloggers.

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