Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Bryan Fischer

Once again, Bryan Fischer has earned the award named after him, which is given to those blessed with an astonishing obliviousness to their own obvious contradictions and who routinely accuse their opponents of their own worst traits. On his radio show, he actually said that liberals “cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be dialogued with, they cannot be compromised with – they’re not interested in compromise whatsoever – they cannot be collaborated with, they can only be defeated.”


  1. Jeremy Shaffer says

    I don’t think that word “reason” means what he think it means.

    Forget the word reason, I don’t think the english language means what Fischer thinks it means.

  2. Michael Heath says

    This misappropriation of features is common in the Wall Street Journal community of commenters. It goes beyond conservative Christians infecting even non-religious conservatives. In that forum liberals are the uninformed, misinformed, gullible, close-minded ones who deny logic and facts. Of course these same people are completely uninformed regarding what science understands, just like they are when it comes to climate science and other scientific disciplines whose findings are politically inconvenient for conservatives.

    Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, and Bill O’Reilly are three demagogues I’ve observed that are particularly effective in spreading the falsehood Mr. Fischer promotes here.

  3. says

    they’re not interested in compromise whatsoever

    But that is because the “reason” [apply all necessay sarcasim markers] that Fischer, as he himself says, is on his “side of the aisle” is because his “principles” cannot be compromised. In short, Fischer’s idea of “compromise” is surrender.

    You have to wonder if they ever listen to what they are saying.

    Though we already know it wouldn’t make any difference if they did.

  4. says

    If Obama wins GOD will punish us?

    And if Rommey wins it will be like a stockholder’s proxy with Mittmoroni as the “nominee”.


    If Bryan Ficsher nominates himself and sits on the award panel, the rest of the contestants are fucked. Then again, if he doesn’t do either of those things, they’re still fucked.

  5. kantalope says

    Remember when Obama compromised by giving the repooblicans all they wanted? Well that wasn’t a librul compromising because that was an elitistantiemperialistkenyancommiefaschistmuslimastheist compromising.

  6. cry4turtles says

    This why our congress gets nothing done-teapublicians saying, “Don’t compromise with that dirty n-word president.” They’re a bunch of racist godbuggers.

  7. Sastra says

    Actually, he’s probably right. Liberals cannot be reasoned with because their opponents are starting out with the conviction that there’s no point in even trying. Thus, you’re not going to see any liberals being reasoned with.

  8. kantalope says

    I see… liberals can’t be reasoned with not because of any attribute of the liberals but rather because A) conservatives won’t reason with them and B) conservatives can’t use reason, don’t know how to dialogue and can’t compromise…now this Fischer guy might be starting to make sense.

  9. says

    @ Michael Heath

    For these people, when necessary, 2+2 really does equal 5 … or 10-billion.
    Last night on Bill Maher’s show last night Coultergeist made the claim that racism is no more.* Their magical wishes came true and they just made it poof out of existence. And, predictably, she blamed past racism on liberals and insisted: “Show me the racism.”
    Well, she should have been at the wedding in my hometown a few weeks ago when the father of the bride came over to introduce himself, and then in the course of five minutes managed to toss out the word “ni**er” three times in reference to a co-worker with whom he had issues. My assumption is that said co-worker is black, but perhaps he calls everybody he doesn’t like that word regardless of skin color. … But I’m guessing not.
    Then, seeing the look of revulsion on my face he explained that: “Some of my best friends are black.”

    * Mona Charen made this same claim of the elimination of racism in a column a few weeks ago. Apparently this is the crazy conservative utter denial of reality meme of the fall. Ask the Sikhs from the temple shooting how that no-racism stuff is working out for them.

  10. laurentweppe says

    cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be dialogued with, they cannot be compromised with – they’re not interested in compromise whatsoever

    Wait a minute, where did I heard that recently?
    Oh! I remember! Here
    So I conclude that for Fischer, liberals are like video game villains, which makes it ok to express bloodlust toward them.

  11. Chiroptera says

    laurentweppe, #12:

    Heh. A very similar line is also in the first Terminator movie.

    Which wouldn’t be a bad analogy for the “liberal” Democrats, what, with Obama’s time machine and all.

  12. dfarmer1584 says

    That video clip may be historic; it may actually be the world record time for completing the trifecta of; self contradiction; projection; and hypocracy. It is a wonderous feat, in a certain twisted way.

    And, sadly, this type of rhetoric is no longer the exclusive M.O. of merely the right wing extreme and creationists relgious zealots. This type of vehement defense of, and unwavering adherence to an overt self-constucted fantasy world is GOP mainstream.

    They, quite literally, viscerally, give me the “creeps.”

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