Maddow on Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech

Rachel Maddow had a very good segment on her show Monday night about Mitt Romney’s much-anticipated foreign policy speech at VMI. As I noted previously, it was almost entirely devoid of substance.

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  1. says

    It seems pretty clear that Romney meant to say “2000,” and not “2008” when mentioning the lack of Presidential debate on terrorism. This is clear from the next sentence, “Only one year later…”

    Other than that, it’s a damned good analysis of Romney’s lack of coherent foreign policy.

  2. says

    Yes, he clearly meant to say 2000. And I don’t know if that was entirely true. The Bush administration famously criticized Clinton for being obsessed with bin Laden. A feather in Clinton’s cap was thwarting the millennium bomb plot. I’d be surprised if Gore hadn’t brought up terrorism, but maybe he didn’t.

  3. says

    Mr. Upright: Gore didn’t bring up much of anything, except lockboxes. That’s one reason why he lost (sort of) to a smirking chimp who couldn’t even form complete sentences.

  4. kantalope says

    The only thing I’ve been getting from Ro-money and foreign policy is “war with Iran — count on it”.


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