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  1. naturalcynic says

    I’m sure that they could use some penis-enlarging device. It would be cheaper, but then again, the feds may not pay for it.

  2. jaketoadie says

    Natualcynic #1:

    No, the government would pay for it, this isn’t something that would help exclusively women, so it would be ok for tax dollars to be spent on it.

  3. Abby Normal says

    And now city officials think their police officers need assault rifles too.

    Reminds me of the time I tried to convince my boss that an analysis I was compiling would be greatly enhanced by an on-site visit to the customer’s facility… in Hawaii. Not even Mayberry is immune to the glittery lure of boondoggles.

  4. lofgren says

    A town of 4,500 people in New Jersey that hasn’t had a murder in more than a decade has a SWAT team.

    Who cares if they haven’t had a murder in more than a decade? It’s irrelevant. Statistically speaking, there are probably 600 people in that town who have smoked pot in the last year, 200 of whom probably have a dog. How do you expect the police to protect and serve if they can’t even defend themselves from pot smokers’ dogs?

  5. cry4turtles says

    I think sending in SWAT teams exacerbates most situations. They’re only useful for terrorists or meth labs, and maybe an occasional bankrobbery. Mostly they’re an abuse of power.

  6. D. C. Sessions says

    I think sending in SWAT teams exacerbates most situations.

    Hah! Tell that to the Pima County SWAT team. They expended hundreds of rounds on a visit to a house recently and then had to defend themselves from wild-eyed EMTs from the Tucson Fire Department.

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