Romney Plays Games With Taxes

The Romney campaign released Mitt’s 2011 taxes Friday afternoon in an attempt to put the whole tax issue behind them, but they’ve only raised more questions. As many people quickly pointed out, he actually overpaid his taxes to make sure that his rate stayed above that 13% he said was the bare minimum he’d paid. He did this by only claiming some of the charity contributions he made.
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Court Issues TRO Allowing Football Bible Banners

In that battle over the use of Bible verses on banners held by cheerleaders for the team to run through at football games and Kountze, Texas, the district court has issued a temporary restraining order preventing the school from prohibiting such banners. The text of the order contains no explanation for that ruling. The suit was filed by the parents of the cheerleaders after the school responded to a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation by telling the cheerleaders they can’t use Bible verses on those banners.

Ellis Washington: We’re All Under Sharia Law Now

Yes, that’s what Ellis Washington actually declares in his latest column for the Worldnutdaily, that we are all living under Sharia law now. Of course, the fact that he is free to publish such tripe, and to publish at all as a Christian, kind of disproves that hyperbolic nonsense — but he never was known for his clear view of reality.

I Really Despise SE Cupp

I mean really, really, really despise her. She’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. Charles Pierce highlights this clip from The Cycle, where she throws out every right-wing myth about Obama — the out of context “you didn’t build this” quote, the “collectivist” nonsense. Steve Kornacki is trying his best to be polite rather than just blurt out “you’re a fucking moron” — which she is.
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Corsi Reveals Secret Obama Plan to Lose Election

You almost have to admire Jerome Corsi’s seemingly limitless ability to invent crazy theories. Fresh off his “discovery” that President Obama was married to a man in college (based on someone who went to school with them saying that he always suspected they were a couple, so it’s proven true) and the identity of Obama’s “real” father, he’s back with a new hit song about how Obama secretly knows he’s going to lose the election. And he has a “source.”
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Alabama GOP Chairman Promotes Wingnut Movie

Right Wing Watch reports that Bill Armistead, the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, told an audience of Republican women that they should see the “documentary” Dreams of My Real Father, which claims that Obama’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis, who is supposedly a communist. And they point out how this movie has caused a wingnut rift:
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Lipkin Continues to Drive the Crazy Train

Of all the right wing cranks out there pumping out loony Obama conspiracy theories, Avi Lipkin may be my favorite. He has the craziest theory of all — that Obama is going to move 50-100 million Muslims to America to take over the country. And the wingnuts are eating it up, putting him on radio shows to say things like this:
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