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Arab League Leader Demands Criminalization of Blasphemy

I’ve heard people in the past wonder about the wisdom of celebration International Blasphemy Rights Day, which is today. The last couple weeks have, with spectacular timing, underscored the importance of standing against religious authoritarianism and in favor of free speech. Now the head of the Arab League has called for global criminalization of any speech that hurts the delicate feelings of religious believers (or at least Muslims). Read more

Thiessen Spreads Another Anti-Obama Lie

Marc Thiessen, the former Bush speechwriter and torture apologist who was inexplicably given a spot as a columnist for the Washington Post, is behind the currently popular lie that President Obama has “skipped more than half of his daily intelligence briefings.” Glenn Kessler, writing at the same paper, shows why this is nonsense: Read more

Blasphemy Laws On the Way in Russia?

In the wake of the Pussy Riot scandal, some Russian lawmakers are pushing for even broader laws to prevent people from offending the delicate sensibilities of religious believers (meaning, in this case, Russian Orthodox Christian believers only, I suspect). Read more

Hagee Joins the ‘End of America’ Brigade

John Hagee has, predictably, joined the chorus of wingnut voices telling their followers that if President Obama is reelected, America will be destroyed — and probably bring about plagues of locusts and frogs, dogs and cats living together and who knows what else. Read more

Boykin Measures the Religion in Islam

Retired Gen. Jerry Boykin continues to spew some of the most outlandish rhetoric in the country. He’s long claimed that Muslims should not be covered by the First Amendment, repeating the tired and absurd line that Islam isn’t a religion but is a political ideology, but now he’s actually put a number to it: Read more