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Happy Blasphemy Day!

For the first time in 3 years, I’m not speaking anywhere for International Blasphemy Rights Day. I’m going to spend the day helping put together the 4th quarter newsletter for CFI Michigan (yeah, I know — I live an exciting life). If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate blasphemy day, may I suggest wearing this shirt: Read more

RNC May Fund Akin Campaign After All

What a shock. As I predicted a few weeks ago, the Republican party money is starting to flow back into Missouri to help the Senate candidacy of Rep. Todd Akin. The National Republican Senatorial Committee, after swearing they would not support his campaign, now says they might do so: Read more

Newt’s Latest WTF Statement

We’re certainly accustomed to hearing Newt Gingrich deliver baffling and bizarre pronouncements, but this one seems particularly odd to me. I have no idea what the hell he’s trying to say here. Read more

Dick Morris: Romney is Winning!

Given that Dick Morris is almost always wrong in his predictions, it’s probably good news for Democrats that he is now jumping on the “the polls are lying, Romney is really winning” bandwagon. And he’s using an old argument that simply isn’t true: Read more

Republicans Still Searching for Real Voter Fraud

As we’ve documented many times, the Republican party is constantly claiming that voter fraud is rampant in America. And from time to time, a specific Republican official will come up with a scary sounding number, a list of thousands, or tens of thousands, of names that may have committed voter fraud. And then that number gets cited again and again, as though it represented real voter fraud. AP reports on one such example from Colorado recently: Read more