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Miners Forced to Attend Romney Rally

Remember when Mitt Romney appeared in front of a group of coal miners in Eastern Ohio a couple weeks ago? It’s now been revealed that the company that owns the mine required the miners to attend — and that they had to give up their pay for the day to do so. Read more

Gay Republicans Remain Hopeful

Right Wing Watch notes that while Tony Perkins has been bragging to anyone who would listen that the Family Research Council had enormous influence over the Republican party platform, gay Republican groups remain hopeful that the tide is turning in their favor. Peter Montgomery attended an event hosted by two of those groups and got some interesting quotes: Read more

Schlafly Lies About Obama and Religious Liberty

At a “Faith and Freedom” rally that preceded the Republican National Convention in Tampa, religious right leader Phyllis Schlafly offered up a pack of lies and half-truths to the crowd about Obama’s record on religious liberty. This is all part of the right’s “ZOMG, Obama is going to destroy Christianity” offensive (a perfect word, in both senses). James Rainey counts them down: Read more

Mitt Romney: Tea Party Candidate

In his continuing campaign to be all things to all people simultaneously, Mitt Romney has sent out one of his senior advisers to make the case that he is truly the candidate of the Tea Party. Why? Because, like them, he’s an “outsider” on a crusade to change Washington. Read more

Have the Super Rich Seceded?

Mike Lofgren, a former Republican congressional staffer, has a fascinating essay in The American Conservative about what he calls the psychological and financial secession of the super rich from America (and other nations, for that matter). With offshore bank accounts and armies of tax attorneys, he argues, they have effectively removed themselves from the polity while still remaining largely in control of the levers of policy. Read more