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Ryan’s Incredibly Dishonest Speech

We’re all used to lies from politicians, so much so that we expect it now and are almost shocked to hear one tell the truth. But Paul Ryan’s speech to the Republican National Convention still stands out for its utter dishonesty from beginning to end. Joan Walsh adds up just a few of them: Read more

Corsi Finds New ‘Mystery’ to Obsess About

The ever-industrious Jerome Corsi has found yet another story related to President Obama to wonder aloud about, using a mishmash of half-truths and distortions to create some vague mystery to leave the wingnuts scratching their collective heads over. This time it’s an interview with Reggie Love, who used to be the president’s personal assistant. Read more

The Practical Path to Clean Energy

I found this picture on Facebook and it got me thinking about all the ways that this country could get serious about cutting down on the use of fossil fuels and speed the transition to clean, renewable energy production. This is a brilliant idea: Read more

Gay Event to Blame for Another Hurricane

Leave it to the Worldnutdaily to point out the “eerie Bible coincidence” — though the article never actually mentions the Bible other than in the headline — of two hurricanes hitting New Orleans around the same time, seven years apart. And of course, it’s all the fault of gay people. Read more

RNC Chair: No Money for Akin

I’ve predicted that both the Republican party and the third party conservative groups will reverse themselves and pour money into the Missouri Senate race on behalf of Todd Akin, but Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus says he won’t get even a penny from the RNC, even if the race is a dead heat. Read more