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Shooting Victim ‘Felt Evil’, Says God Saved Him

And here we have the perfect contrast to the rational survivor of the Aurora gunman who thanked the paramedics and doctors for saving her life; this guy says God saved him because he was praying. Oh, and that God was in the theater that night with him — but apparently not with all the dead people. Read more

The Most Transparent Administration in History Strikes Again

Yet another example of the Obama administration — you know, the promised “most transparent administration in history” — using legal procedures to fight against actual transparency in court. A court has allowed them to continue to pretend that documents that were already made public are still so secret that they are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. The ACLU reports: Read more

Catholic Church Lies About Anti-Gay Discrimination

The local newspaper in Worcester, Massachusetts reports on a case where the Catholic diocese lied about a decision not to sell a mansion they owned to a gay couple — and they left the evidence right at the bottom of an email they sent to that couple. They said they had decided not to sell the house but to do something else with it, but at the bottom of a long chain of emails they left the real reason: Read more

CSI Exposes Astrology Scam

Sharon Hill has an article on the Committee for Scientific Investigation website that exposes, yet again, the fraud of astrology. She begins by citing a statement from astrologer Susan Miller: “What I do is scientific. Astrology involves careful methods learned over years and years of training and experience.” Yes, you can laugh now. Hill responds: Read more

Police Rules Meaningless Without Training and Consequences

Carlos Miller shows why even when police departments get it right on policy, those policies are meaningless in the real world if the officers don’t get adequate training — and if there aren’t consequences for violating that policy, especially when they have an obvious incentive to ignore it. Read more