The Return of Mabus/Markuze?

Martin Wagner notes that Dennis Markuze (aka David Mabus) may have violated the terms of the probation he received after pleading guilty to making threats over the internet to many atheists, including me. That probation required him to no longer comment on blogs or any social networking site, for at least 18 months.

Hemant Mehta apparently got a comment that appears to be from Mabus and so did the Facebook page for the Atheist Experience. And now they seem to be popping up everywhere. The Skeptic Friends forum got one. So did the Australasian Skeptics forum. And the Rational Response Squad forum. And there’s a new Youtube channel pushing the same stuff Markuze always pushed, with all that Nostradamus destroying atheists crap.

It isn’t certain that these are actually from him; they could be copycats. But the police in Montreal should certainly be investigating and it should be relatively easy to find out. If this isn’t Markuze up to his old tricks, someone is sure trying hard to make it look like he is.


  1. Cuttlefish says

    I was told, a month ago, that people were actively pursuing this with the crown prosecutor.

  2. MikeMa says

    Someone should try to contact his mother. She seems to care about his welfare and may have some influence.

  3. StevoR says

    Didn’t Markuze get scared and apologise via his comemnts just before he was arrested?

    I thought he’d decided to change his ways a bit at least himself?

  4. says

    I think the apology came at a time when he was in custody. There was speculation that it may have come from his mother, as an established Mabus account was used.

  5. says

    That could just be deflection.

    Ms. Markuze was a victim-blamer: it was the offensive existence of atheists that DEMANDED a Mabus-like response. I think it was the dad that was saying, “He told us he was staying off the computers!”

  6. keplersdream says

    We’ve had a couple of posts from him (or someone pretending to be him) over at He’s obviously still obsessed with P Z Myers; the posts have come in under the name ‘freethoughtbullies’ and/or ‘ftbullies’, clearly referencing the recent histrionics between P Z and Thunderf00t.


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