Kamal Saleem’s Tall Tales

Kamal Saleem, who lives here in Michigan and claims to be an ex-terrorist, has been telling breathless tales of his adventures as a seven year old bad guy — yes, seven years old — on Mat Staver’s radio show. I suspect these stories are as reliable as his others have been, which are doubtful at best. As Right Wing Watch puts it, he’s the Forrest Gump of the wingnut set, claiming to have been involved in every terrorist plot since the sacking of Rome. Here’s a particularly ridiculous story about him running guns into Israel at 8 years old and getting into a firefight with the Israeli military.


  1. says

    So why isn’t this pathological bullshitter in Gitmo, where people are locked up and tortured because maybe there might be the slight possibility of a chance that perhaps they could have talked with someone who knew someone who did something?

    Because the government knows he is batshit crazy. Then why do the wingnuts listen to him? Because they’re equally crazy.

  2. jimnorth says

    Being the Forest Gump of the wingnut set is not unusual because there are so many trees…

  3. Pinky says

    “Hey Kamal Saleem you’re eight years old and you’ve survived a firefight with the Israeli military as a gun runner in Israel, what are going to do now?”

    Kamal Saleem: “I’m going to Disneyland!”

  4. Pinky says

    Ah hem – “what are you going to do now” sounds better than “what are going to do now?”

    What the heck, its only the fifth mistake I’ve made this year month day hour.

  5. katie says

    There’s a word for this kind of person. Generally, we refer to them as fabulists.

  6. dingojack says

    katie – While I’m no expert, I think the word that’s used professionally is ‘delusional‘.

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