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NC Police Department to Use ‘Non-Sectarian’ Prayers

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says it is changing the prayers it uses during police ceremonies to make them “non-sectarian.” What does that mean? It means no more “in Jesus’ name” at the end, apparently. That has the wingnuts up in arms, of course, but it’s still a bad idea. Read more

Boykin: Dearborn Just Like Beirut and Damascus

Unhinged crazy person and former Gen. Jerry Boykin says that Dearborn, Michigan, which has the largest Arab (not necessarily Muslim) population outside the Middle East, is ruled by Sharia law and indistinguishable from Beirut or Damascus (as though those two cities were the same, for crying out loud). Read more

Will Wilkinson Nails It

Wow. Will Wilkinson wrote this before the Supreme Court’s ruling on the health care insurance mandate was released and it pretty much nails exactly what happened. I said at the outset that I wouldn’t be shocked if they upheld it under the taxing power, but I certainly didn’t come this close: Read more

The Seven Worst Bigots in U.S. House

ThinkProgress has a list of the seven most virulently anti-gay members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The one amazing thing about it is that neither Michele Bachmann nor Steve King are on the list. Imagine how bad you have to be to outrank those two! Read more

Did Roberts Change Sides in Mandate Case?

Paul Campos, a law professor at UC-Boulder, notes that the dissenting opinion in the health care reform ruling strongly suggests that Chief Justice John Roberts may have switched sides, originally voting to overturn the mandate and then switched and decided to uphold it. Read more