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Secular Women Form New Organization

Secular Woman is a new organization formed to “amplify the voice, presence, and influence of non-religious women.” Sounds like a great idea to me. They’re just getting off the ground, but I an optimistic that they will be a powerful voice in the secular movement very quickly. Here’s an introductory video: Read more

Finally, Gay Cannibals Are Exposed

This video, which features a crazy, bigoted street preacher telling at a gay pride event in Cleveland that being gay leads to cannibalism, is made all the more ridiculous by the fact that it was put on Youtube by someone with the nickname OnKneesForJesus. Mr. Freud, call your office. Read more

Liberty Counsel: ‘True Science’ Always Supports the Bible

Steve Crampton and Harry Mihet of Liberty Counsel sing the praises of that abysmal Mark Regnerus study on gay parenting and claim that “true science” will always “reinforce and strengthen what the Scripture tells us from the start.” Read more

The Evil Little Thing and the Evil Big Thing

At the CFI conference last weekend, I finally got to meet Jessica Ahlquist in person. And since I was wearing my t-shirt that pays tribute to her, in a sense, Brian Engler had to get a picture of the evil little thing and the evil big thing together. Read more

Jamie Kilstein at the Reason Rally

At the CFI Leadership Conference, Jamie Kilstein did the whole routine that he did at the Reason Rally and it was as brilliant the second time as it was the first time. Someone told me they were standing backstage next to Richard Dawkins and he was just dumbfounded by the whole thing, that he had no idea what was funny about this. I think it’s hysterical, especially this line: “If you are over 60 years old in the Senate, you should not be allowed to vote on the environment. You don’t get to vote to destroy the planet and then die before the place burns to the ground. That just makes you a really slow suicide bomber.” Read more