Your Crazy Wingnut Quote of the Day

Rick Joyner gives us the crazy wingnut quote of the day:

We were unquestionably founded on Judeo-Christian principles but there is an effort in America today to rob us of that identity, to take that away from us. If you want to see what can happen when you lose your identity all you have to do is look at the continent of Europe. The continent of Europe is dark, it is hopelessly lost and it’s going to get worse. Every expert will tell you that by the middle of this century the continent of Europe will be an Islamic continent, and they can’t reverse it, they can’t stop it. It is because they took Jesus out of their societies and it’s been replaced by darkness. Any time there is a void it will be replaced by the Enemy, and the Enemy is unquestionably real and he is in fact called Satan, and that is something that people in this country have not yet figured out.

Fumento Leaves the Right Behind

To a list that includes Andrew Sullivan, Charles Johnson, Bruce Bartlett and a few others — conservatives who have fled from conservatism as practiced by today’s American right wing — add the name of Michael Fumento. He’s a longtime conservative writer who worked in the Reagan administration and has written for the National Review, the Weekly Standard and many other such publications. And he’s become entirely fed up with right wing hysteria:
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LA School Psychologist Spouts Racism Online

The New Orleans Times Picayune reports that a psychologist with the Jefferson Parish school district has been leaving racist comments in an online forum on that very newspaper’s website. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has an ongoing lawsuit against that district over treatment of black students, is calling attention to those comments as evidence of the problem:
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Crouch: God Kills People Who Oppose TBN

Trinity Broadcasting Network founder and first class con man Paul Crouch and his smarmy son, Matt, had a conversation that was captured for a TV show and put on Youtube. It was removed, but someone else had captured it and reuploaded it. In that conversation, they clearly implied that God would kill those who opposed TBN — you know, like the Crouch granddaughter who has revealed so much of their financial scam with a lawsuit against the network.
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Police Misconduct Project Gets New Home

For the past couple years I’ve been on a mailing list for the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, which was a one-man operation run by David Packman. This is how I’ve found many of the stories of police brutality that I regularly report on. The project just got to be too much for Packman, so he sought someone who could take it over and had many offers. After allowing people on the list to vote on it, he handed it over to the Cato Institute, who have given the project its own website and will continue to support it. I highly recommend bookmarking it.