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Romney Refuses to Repudiate Trump’s Birtherism

ThinkProgress notes yet another flip flop by Romney, this time on the subject of whether a candidate should repudiate the obnoxious views of those who support them. When Rick Perry was introduced by Robert Jeffress, who said that Romney was a member of a cult, Romney demanded that Perry repudiate those statements: Read more

Indian Skeptic to Challenge Blasphemy Law

I reported a few weeks ago about Sanal Edamaruku, head of Rationalist International, who is being charged with blasphemy for debunking a Catholic “miracle” — a statue of Jesus with water leaking from its feet. He faces up to three years in prison, but is preparing to challenge the validity of that law in the courts. Read more

Teaching Bigotry to Kids

I’m sure you’ve probably seen this video by now. It should disturb the hell out of you. It’s a 4 year old singing “Ain’t no homo gonna make it to heaven” in church — to the wild cheering and laughter of the congregation, which gave him a standing ovation. Disgusting. Read more

Are Soldiers Heroes?

Chris Hayes sent the right wing blogosphere into its latest hissy fit by making a perfectly reasonable statement about being uncomfortable with calling all soldiers heroes on his MSNBC show on Sunday. For the record, here’s the actual statement he made: Read more

Holy Shit, They’re Idiots

You have to see this video of one of the congregants at the church of North Carolina pastor and first class lunatic Charles Worley, who recently said that gays and lesbians should be put in concentration camps. She appears to have the IQ of a turnip: Read more