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What Leviticus Bans

Christian bigots love to quote Leviticus 20:13, which says that gay men should be put to death (but not gay women, of course), but rarely do they cite the enormous list of other things that Leviticus makes illegal and sometimes punishable by death. Here’s a list of 76 things banned in that book of the Bible. If you have any poly-cotton shirts, you might want to take notice.

MO to Vote On ‘Right to Pray’ Amendment

An amendment to the state constitution of Missouri that purports to support a “right to pray” in that state will be on the ballot in August, when the state holds their presidential primary. That amendment would almost certainly pass anyway, but the fact that it’s happening on a day when Republicans have far more reason to vote makes it all but impossible to stop. Read more

Mormons Believe Constitution Comes From Jesus

Andrew Sullivan points to a very interesting statement from Ezra Taft Benson when he was president of the Mormon church, which makes it official church doctrine. I often joke about the Christian nation crowd believing that the Constitution was delivered to George Washington by Jesus himself while Washington was praying at Mt. Sinai, but it turns out the Mormons actually believe something very close to that: Read more

Drew Zahn’s Creationist Idiocy

Drew Zahn is a former pastor and current Worldnutdaily “reporter” and columnist. In his latest bit of stupidity, he claims that the movie Men in Black III supports creationism. After discussing the plot of the movie, which involves time travel, he makes this silly argument: Read more

Obama Wants to Extend Bill He Promised to Filibuster

This will come as a shock to no one who has been paying attention. Glenn Greenwald reports that the Obama administration is seeking quick and uncontroversial passage of a bill extending the FISA amendments passed in 2008, a bill he originally promised to filibuster and then dutifully voted for. Read more