West Gets Push Back from Conservative Writer

Pete Wehner of Commentary is one of the more reasonable conservative writers, for the most part avoiding the kind of tribal partisanship that most people engage in regularly. In a new post, he slams Rep. Allen West for his constant use of absurd and hyperbolic rhetoric.

Representative West, it’s probably worth pointing out, also recently told a town hall meeting that “there’s [sic] about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party who are members of the Communist Party,” referring to their membership in the Congressional Progressive Caucus…

This is not simply an unfortunate comment but an ugly one. Communism is associated with immense and even incomprehensible humor horror, from the estimated 65 million deaths under Mao in China; to the more than 20 million Russians who perished under Stalin and Lenin; to the almost two million Cambodians – comprising around one quarter of the entire population – who died under the Pol Pot regime. Communism has been responsible for forced labor, slavery, starvation, mass executions, and wholesale slaughter. Surely West must know this. And so for him to characterize his (very) liberal colleagues as Communists, and then to defend the claim, is a form of slander.

West would do himself, his party and his cause a world of good if he decided to jettison the corrosive and insulting rhetoric.

It won’t change a thing, of course. Corrosive rhetoric is what West has in lieu of the ability to think rationally. He’s the Ted Nugent of the Republican caucus in Congress.


  1. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne says

    Communism is associated with immense and even incomprehensible humor horror . . .

    I checked, and Wehner did in fact write “humor horror”. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest he actually meant “human horror”.

  2. MikeMa says

    Wehner is going to have to give back his secret decoder ring and he won’t get many tea party invitations.

  3. Mr Ed says

    Dealing with hard core conservatives is like teaching a golden retriever logic. I keep telling him not to chase squirrels so now he assumes that anything bad is a squirrel. Similarly West knows communists are bad (he doesn’t know or care why he just knows) so he assumes that because Democrats are bad they must be communists. I suggest that when West speaks we taunt him with tennis balls.

  4. d cwilson says

    …while shitting his pants to avoid the obligations of a responsible adult?

    West actually did it the hard way: By being a total disgrace to the uniform he was wearing until the military told him quit or be court martialed.

  5. Doug Little says

    Communism Dane Cook is associated with immense and even incomprehensible humor horror

    There FIFY.

  6. caseloweraz says

    @Hercules Grytpype-Thynne:

    You are undoubtedly correct. It’s conservatism that is associated with incomprehensible humor horror.

  7. kantalope says

    What no mention of how communists tortured prisoners and held them without trial?

    weird that, no?

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