My Review of No Snowflake in an Avalanche

The battles that MRFF fights are important. As I said in my opening remarks at Rock Beyond Belief, the separation of church and state is never more important than when it involves those who take an oath to defend the constitution that is the source of that vital principle. And while some may object to Mikey Weinstein’s flamboyant and provocative style, the reality is that no one much cared about these issues, even civil libertarian groups like the ACLU, until he started rocking the boat. No Snowflake in an Avalanche tells the story of how it all happened.

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  1. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne:

    No Snowfake in an Avalanche tells the story of how it all happened.

    Typo alert.

  2. Michael Heath:

    Ed writes:

    Far too many people do not take [Dustin Chalker's] position seriously because they see Christianity as a default, as the de facto official religion. This is a Christian nation, they argue, so Chalker should just remain silent.

    The story of my entire adult life in meat-world. What makes it worse is while I patiently and quietly tolerate all the rituals I must respectfully bear within my social sphere, I am not allowed to express a peep regarding any alternative perspectives. To do so, even in a dispassionate non-pejorative manner, immediately brands me as the intolerant narrow-minded one persecuting others for their beliefs and shunned for some period of time for having the temerity to add a different perspective to the subject at hand.

    In fact a handful of times when I presented facts which falsified a particularly vile bigoted assertion (the usual ‘others’ – gays, atheists, scientists, academics, Democrats), I was told I was blinded by Satan who was in control of me and therefore incapable of believing the Truth. The funniest one was when I noted I was voting for Kerry as a vote against Bush in ’04.

    This is not true of some Christians I know who are either Catholics or Congregationalists and are almost all a joy to be around. It is true of every single fundamentalist (the group within which I was raised) and evangelical I know with the exception of one person. But that person’s also an apostate since she voted for the black Muslim Marxist – which led to some nasty bullying by her ministerial staff, and an influx of conservative viral emails into her box “proving” their position (ignorant racists?) which falsifies any claim those ministers have to the biblical demands about honesty, charity, and how to treat others, i.e., they’re Rick Warren wannabes!

    So for the last several years I’ve almost always remained quiet, where this venue provides an oasis. We have a very long ways to go when it comes to enjoying a society which authentically supports equal rights and is adult enough to make cogent honest arguments, especially when it comes to personal interactions beyond the governmental protections the framers initially instigated which Lincoln and LBJ advanced.

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