Romney, the Judiciary and the Religious Right

Now that he has the nomination all but sewn up, some theocons are still having trouble supporting Mitt Romney. But others are embracing him, even if not enthusiastically, because he promises to appoint judges to the bench that they approve of. Like Bork. Or Alito. On his radio show, David Barton made the case:
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Arizona Gov. Appoints Arpaio Ally to State Board

On a list of Republican governors that includes Scott Walker of Ohio, Rick Scott of Florida and Jon Kasich of Ohio, Arizona’s Jan Brewer may be the worst of a bad bunch. Now she’s appointed an ally of Joe Arpaio — one so bad that even the recently disbarred Andrew Thomas fired him — to a state realty board.
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The Amusement of Wingnuts in Groups

Right Wing Watch has an amusing video and transcript of a conversation between some of the looniest wingnuts in the country — Lou Engle, Rena Lindevaldsen, Matt Barber, Cynthia Dunbar (yes, the one from the Texas BOE) and Greg Quinlan (an ex-gay type). Engle wants to pray, you see, but he’s waiting for God to give him the go-ahead:
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Michigan Man Wins Right to Resist Police

In a major victory for sanity and constitutional limits in my home state, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in favor of a man who was arrested for resisting the police when he refused to let them search his home without a warrant. The ruling was 5-2, with the two most conservative justices in dissent. The ruling overturns a 2004 case that had ruled the opposite. Our state high court generally sucks, but they finally got one right.