Ironic Quote of the Day

From the Dallas Morning News:

The Dallas Police Department has suspended a special unit’s regular reviews of dash-cam video from patrol cars because officers felt they were being nitpicked with disciplinary action for minor infractions such as speeding.

You mean like you do all day long while writing tickets to civilians? Oh yeah, it’s only “nitpicking” when it’s done to cops.

Glenn Beck’s Crazy Church Rant

This video is a perfect little two minute primer on Glenn Beck. The empty emotionalism, the utterly irrational claims of connections between things, the flat-out lies about a subject, the bizarre non-sequiturs (“if I can go and have sex and there’s no consequence, I’m a slave” — What?), it’s all there. This was at Skyline Church in San Diego:
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Bryan Fischer on CNN

And once again I have to ask the question: How much of a crazed loony do you have to be not to get on CNN these days? Even Bryan Fischer, who deserves nothing but scorn and ridicule, was on to spout his anti-gay hatred recently. On the other hand, I’m all for exposing these guys as exactly what they are. But I wish the show hosts would actually ask some hard questions instead of just presenting the two sides as equally reasonable.
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Dumbass Quote of the Day

From Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Antonio McElroy, speaking about Justin Griffith and Rock Beyond Belief:

“All the chaplains on post are under orders not to speak about the atheist festival. But off the record… Sgt. Griffith is doing the work of Satan himself.“

Damn it, they’re on to us! Satan would have been there himself that day, but the rain tends to put the flames out.

The Priorities of the Catholic Church

You’ve probably heard by now about the decision by the Roman Catholic Church to take over the largest order of nuns in the United States, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, because it has dared to focus more on helping the poor and the powerless than on abortion and attacking gay people. Gary Wills points out that the Vatican is letting far more unsavory characters back in the good graces of the church while pushing the nuns out the door:
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Student Dresses as Jesus for Fictional Character Day

Hemant Mehta has a post about a high school student from Tennessee who dressed up as Jesus when the school had a “fictional character” day and the students were to dress as their favorite non-existent characters from books and movies. Unsurprisingly, the school told him he had to take it off.
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Virginia’s Virtually Non-Existent Voter Fraud Problem

The Richmond Times Dispatch has an article about voter fraud investigations in Virginia that begins by inaccurately saying that “an ongoing Virginia State Police investigation of voter registration irregularities from the 2008 general election may signal a more significant voter fraud issue than some state lawmakers realized.” But the actual facts of the article say the exact opposite:
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Robert Bork’s Warped Constitutional Ideas

I wrote the other day about the fact that Robert Bork chairs Mitt Romney’s legal advisory committee and will apparently have a role, along with Jay Sekulow, in helping him pick nominees to the federal courts if he is elected president. Someone suggested more detail on Bork’s insane ideas about the constitution, so I thought I’d reprint an old post I wrote 8 years ago on the subject that includes direct quotes from Bork’s law review writings:
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Obama’s Astonishing Chutzpah

If you aren’t cynical enough about politics, this will make it worse. President Obama, who has maintained and even expanded the federal government’s illegal surveillance program and steadfastly refused to hold anyone accountable for torture, actually issued an executive order allowing the U.S. to sanction “foreign nationals” who do the same thing he is guilty of doing:
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The Pundits Are Almost Always Wrong

Jim Newell at has an article about the volumes and volumes of nonsense that issues forth from political pundits, especially leading up to and during campaign season. He goes back and quotes “expert” after “expert” as they predicted that each and every potential candidate — Giuliani, Trump, Palin, Huckabee — was serious about the race and was a real challenger to Mitt Romney.
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