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  1. raven says

    How crazy and hateful does she have to be before they dump her?

    Silly question.

    Pat Buchanan has set the standard for how cuckoo and evil you have to be to get fired. Anti-Jewish bigot, Nazi sympathizer, racist, and mostly incoherent.

    Buchanan would have kept his job if he had attacked the usual, gays, atheists, Moslems, scientists, and Democrats.

    FWIW, far as I’m concerned the bigots and haters should stay on TV. Let the world see what they really are. It’s like picking up a rock and watching all the creepy crawlies under it except not as interesting.

  2. says

    Well, so much for Yoo, Schwartzenegger, Wurtzelbacher, Ponnuru, Jindahl, d’Sousa, Arpaio, Rubio…and what kind of name is Gingrich anyway?

  3. says

    Why is she still on CNN? How crazy and hateful does she have to be before they dump her?

    They have to show both sides to avoid the accusation of “liberal media!” that they’ll get hit with no matter what they do.
    It just happens that one side is pretty consistently out of its mind, doesn’t mind being out of its mind, pushes out those on its side who still have at least part of theirs, and insists that the other side is really the one that’s out of its mind.

  4. LightningRose says

    “…what kind of name is Gingrich anyway?”

    I think it’s a shortened form of Gingreich.

  5. matty1 says

    “…what kind of name is Gingrich anyway?”

    I think it’s a shortened form of Gingreich.

    Funny I always thought the Gingrinch came from up above Whoville.

  6. d cwilson says

    and what kind of name is Gingrich anyway?

    It’s German by way of Pennsylvania Dutch. I grew up in the same part of PA as Newt did. I even went to school with a couple of Gingrichs.

    BTW, the correct pronunciation is GING-rick, not GING-grich. The former is the pronunciation everyone else in his family uses, including his half-sister. Apparently, when he moved down to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgians had trouble pronouncing his name, so, in the interest of political expediency, he stopped correcting them and adopted the latter pronunciation.

  7. Gregory in Seattle says

    How crazy and hateful does she have to be before they dump her?

    Some questions should not be asked, lest they get answered.

    I would be interested in see her reaction if a news commentator in Iraq or Afghanistan said the same thing about foreigners (read: Americans) discussing those countries’ politics. I suspect her reaction would be quite different.

  8. scienceavenger says

    She’ll stay there til she isn’t hot any more. That’s the only reason she’s there in the first place, sheesh.

  9. dan4 says

    That’s pretty mild compared to her comments on her twitter feed, when she strongly implied, without a shred of evidence, that Charles Johnson is a child molester. In the immortal words of Naomi Watts (who was telling of a particularly intrusive and annoying paparazzi), Loesch is “a very evil person.”

  10. Badland, delurking for a bit says

    Scienceavenger: take your casual misogyny and shove it up your cloaca

  11. StevoR says

    By Dana Loesch’s own logic then, no American can report on events anywhere else on the planet, right?!

    Also where does the name Loesch come from – it doesn’t sound Native American to me!

    Incidentally, never heard of either of these journalists (if that’s the right word?) – Loesch or Bashir – that I can recall.

  12. dingojack says

    Badland – I think your anger has missed it’s target. Scienceavenger was simply commenting on the way the media seems to actually work.
    Once a woman hits forty or so she’s got to work much, much harder than her male counterparts just to stay on air. Like it not, TV is more about the talent’s image not their journalistic talent.

    Oh by the way, take your casual predjudices toward fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and monotremes and … well … ‘do something unplesant with them’. [/Auric Goldfinger] ;)

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