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NOM Looks for ‘Victims’ of Gay Parents

A court has released previously sealed internal documents from the National Organization for Marriage and it includes a 2009 strategy document with items they were looking to fund. Included in those items was someone to find “victims” of gay parents that they could use to discredit same-sex marriage and adoption. Read more

NYC: No ‘Evolution’ on State Tests

New York City seems intent on one-upping even Kansas and Arkansas when it comes to bad educational policy. The NYC Department of Education has released a list of 50 words they say should not appear on state tests because they might offend someone. Included in that list: dinosaurs and evolution. Staks Rosch has the full list: Read more

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Fischer v North

Far right nut Bryan Fischer isn’t actually talking to even further-right nut Gary North, a genuine Christian Reconstructionist, but there’s a clear disagreement between them over the Constitution. Fischer, on a recent radio show, claimed that the U.S. Constitution was really a covenant with God. Read more

Mother Jones on Fake Former Terrorists

Mother Jones has an article about the burgeoning industry of fake “former terrorists” selling their alleged expertise to the FBI, local police departments and wingnut groups and turning their mostly invented stories into cold, hard cash. One of them is Kamal Saleem, who is from Michigan and and has been involved with a lot of right wing politics in the state. But his story just doesn’t hold water. Read more

Geraldo Offers World Class Notpology

It baffles me that people actually watch, and Fox News still airs, a show by Geraldo Rivera. And I’m sure you know by now that he said a startlingly idiotic thing when he said that Trayvon Martin died because he was wearing a hoodie. Well now he’s offered one of the most blatant notpologies ever: Read more