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The Search for the Limiting Principle

One of the key arguments in the health care reform case is whether the individual mandate to buy health insurance has a “limiting principle” — that is, if the government has that power, can’t it also force you to buy almost anything else? And this argument isn’t necessarily without merit, but as Akhil Reed Amar — in my opinion, one of the most brilliant legal scholars in the country — points out, this is true of nearly every other government power as well. Read more

Romney’s WTF Statement of the Day

David Plouffe recently said that Mitt Romney is the “godfather” of the health care reform bill — which is true, by the way — and Romney is still scrambling to explain why the very idea he supported as governor is now a socialist plot to destroy the country. And he gave this really weird answer to that question on the Hugh Hewitt radio show: Read more

Lively’s Bizarre Uganda Conspiracy

Lunatic anti-gay bigot Scott Lively was on Bryan Fischer’s radio show last week and offered a truly whacked conspiracy theory to explain why he simply had to go to Uganda and encourage them to pass harsh anti-gay legislation. And it’s all George Soros’ fault, of course. Read more

So That’s What It Takes to Fire a Cop

I’ve written for years about police officers getting away with just about everything under the sun — drunk driving, faking police reports, beating people up in bars, even killing unarmed suspects — without losing their jobs. So what does it take to get fired? Mowing your lawn in boxer shorts. Read more

Dick Morris Lies About Obama

When I flew from Washington, DC to Florida on Monday, I ran into Dick Morris at National Airport. He was walking in to a gift shop that I was walking out of, having just bought something to drink. He’s incredibly short, maybe 5’6. He’s also incredibly dishonest, as a new video on his website shows. “Obama assumes dictatorial powers!” it declares. Read more