Throckmorton Catches New Barton Lie

Warren Throckmorton, who’s been doing excellent work debunking David Barton over the last few months, catches him in a whole new lie — ironically, just as Barton publishes a book called The Jefferson Lies, which our own Chris Rodda is working on now as well. He gives this transcript of a conversation between Barton and Kirk Cameron:
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Nate Phelps at the Reason Rally

Like Daniel Fincke, I found Nate Phelps’ talk at the Reason Rally to be one of the most moving and inspiring moments of the event. I think he delivered the single best line: “They called me a rebel. For years, I wore that name with shame until I realized that, confronted with the god of my father, rebellion is the only moral option.” Hear, hear.

Kennedy Gets it Right on Plea Bargains

The Supreme Court issued two very important rulings last week that expanded, a bit, the protections guaranteed as a result of the right to counsel. In both cases the result was 5-4, with Justice Kennedy joining the four more liberal justices and the four conservatives all in dissent. Both cases involved attorneys giving bad advice to defendants concerning plea bargains offered by the prosecutors. Orin Kerr explains the two cases. The first:
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Thanks, Christian Right

A new article and book by two political scientists, David Campbell and Robert Putnam, looks at the recent uptick in the number of Americans, especially young people, keeping their distance from traditional Christianity and remaining outside the church. And as Peter Berger points out in a review of their work, it appears that much of that growth is due to the actions of the Christian right.
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Bargaining With Newt’s Ego

Michelle Cottle speculates on what it would take to get Newt to drop out of the race (if you’re Santorum) or to stay in it (if you’re Romney). At this point, she says, he’s only still in the race “because he’s drunk on a cocktail of spite, narcissism, and general mischief.” But he may also be looking to secure some promises from the other two:
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