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Free BBQ at Rock Beyond Belief

How could the Rock Beyond Belief event get any better? How about free BBQ for everyone before the event? Clearly, God loves me. Or rather, clearly Todd Stiefel is a generous man with excellent taste in food.

Awesome Reason Rally Video

This is a really cool video put together by The Thinking Atheist, Seth Andrews.

Cert Denied in Two Church/State Cases

Howard Friedman reports that the Supreme Court has denied cert in two cases involving religion in public schools that have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. He gives the details on the two cases: Read more

The Christian Right Beatitudes

During a conversation over dinner tonight, I had a sudden epiphany that someone ought to write up a new list of beatitudes to reflect what the Christian right in this country actually believe, as taught by their version of Jesus. Here’s the new list: Read more

Tim Minchin Loves the Pope

At the Reason Rally, Tim Minchin did his infamous song about the pope. I can’t find a good video of that performance, but here’s the same song from another time and place. Read more