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  1. Sastra says

    “Love the sinner; hate the demon.”

    Is this going to be their new tactic in the attempt to explain why they’re not all a bunch of homophobic bigots?

  2. Gregory in Seattle says

    No one can possibly obsess about gay sex more than a (loudly and repeatedly self-described) straight right wing Christian.

  3. Tualha says

    Hmm, maybe all the preachers and congressmen caught with rent boys or women not married to them should have used that excuse. It sounds so much better than “I’m a hypocritical conservative who tells people that fornication is evil but can’t keep my own pants on.” No, it was demons! Not my fault at all! Those damned demons made me do it!

  4. timberwoof says

    Can’t be demons.

    A Tibetan Lama and I did some chanting to get rid of my demons, and I’m still gay. So there!

    Gyaad, what would life be like if things really were the way Rat Pobertson says? It would be … a Demon-Haunted World.

  5. jnorris says

    That makes persecuting and criminalizing gays acceptable, because doing so will drive out the demons. Amen!

  6. Alverant says

    Just another twist on “the devil made me do it”. Nice way to shift blame isn’t it? If there was a devil, he should appear on 700 club to deny those charges.

  7. frankb says

    The aliens found from many years of anal probing that one out of ten people like it. Now Pat never talked about being abducted by aliens did he?

  8. says

    It’s still outrageous that these fictional demons (like gods) have long been an excuse for fundies to abdicate responsibility for their own immoral actions while simultaneously writing off natural, harmless desires as artificial evils.

  9. Chris A says

    @ Zinc Avenger #7:

    No, not at all. Demons are Chaotic Evil. They can’t possibly operate sophisticated technology. Devils are Lawful Evil, so they can handle that sort of thing. I know this is true because the Monster Manual tells me so. Ok, it is the one from the early 80s, but the rest are schismatic, heretical works and anyone who reads them, never mind advocates for them should be burned at the stake.

  10. Chiroptera says

    Actually, if the Right Wing were all possessed by demons, that would explain a lot.

    I definitely would not be surprised if Santorum started to spew green bile and twist his head backwards.

  11. Skip White says

    timberwoof @ #4:
    “Gyaad, what would life be like if things really were the way Rat Pobertson says? It would be … a Demon-Haunted World.”

    I see what you did there.

  12. briandavis says

    @12 Chris A:

    … anyone who reads them, never mind advocates for them should be burned at the stake.

    Unless they make a saving throw.

  13. raven says

    And Pat Robertson said that the man was “obsessed” and that it’s because he was possessed by demons.

    Every time I hear some wacko old fundie droning on about demons, the question is, “What century are we living in now?” My calendar says 2012.

    Where do elves, fairies, leprechauns, ghosts, pixies, and brownies fit in here?

  14. dontpanic says


    elves: they make cookies and crackers or so I’m told by the little people in my TV; would they lie?
    fairies: (obsolete) term for “teh ghey”
    leprechauns: always on TV worrying about his lucky charms
    pixies: behind every dot on your computer monitor there’s one pixie; the world is still trying to discover how many can be put on the head of a pin … why is the technology for doing this so behind the times?
    brownies: miniature girl scouts, generally chocolate flavored … yummy, right out of the oven

    Does that cover it?

  15. says

    The pastor of my ex-wife’s first husband informed him that she was possessed by a demon and that is why she left him. Also, when the demon was finally expelled she would return to him.

    I guess the demon still has her 20+ years later.

  16. peterh says

    What a portmanteau is the supernatural – it can contain and explain anything but you can’t look inside.

  17. says

    Before Christianity demonised (see what I did there) pre-Christian culture, a Greek daimon was just a tutelary spirit like the Latin genius. A daimon might inhabit a particular place or become attached to a particular person, providing inspiration and protection. So I’m quite happy to be demonically posessed.

    I would hope my daemon took the form of something magnificent and powerful, like a jaguar or golden eagle, but in reality it would probably be a gecko or naked mole rat.

    @timberwoof #7

    Can’t be demons.

    A Tibetan Lama and I did some chanting to get rid of my demons, and I’m still gay. So there!

    Ah, you see, Tibetan Lamas are not followers of the One True God(tm), but pagans and sorcerors. So that chanting you did only invited more demons into your body.

    A real exorcism session would involve a couple of Real Christians With Issues tying you to a bed, stripping you naked, rubbing you with anointing oil, starving you, whipping you and singing verses from the Bible. I believe chains and holy water would be also involved at some stage.

  18. timberwoof says

    Safeword! Noncon scene! Starving and verses from the Bible are outside my limits! And those idiots should know to strip me first, then tie me down. I’m not playing with them!

  19. dingojack says

    So Pat Robinson been saunaing* with Teddy Haggard again. I wonder if they got a massage afterward? Perhaps Teddy gave Pat a rub down (not having any luggage to hand).
    * yes really – ‘saunaing’ and ‘saunaed’ (but it still looks wrong doesn’t it).
    While I was checking this word on I noticed that the word of the day is ‘eudemonia’. :)
    Who’s demonia? Eudemonia!

  20. spamamander, hellmart survivor says

    According to a Jack Chick tract, gay people have their own personal demons that sit on their shoulders and such.

    I think it’s terribly unfair that I don’t get a cool mini-demon! Or one of those free toaster ovens you get for converting to teh ghey.

  21. Rip Steakface says

    Funny that this should come up today – I finally got Mass Effect 3, and there are two LGBT characters (one lesbian, one gay man), excluding the possibility of a pseudo-lesbian relationship between female Shepard and Liara (Liara is of a race of aliens that are monogendered but look like blue, tentacle-haired human females).

    Nothing even happens as a result of either being gay, they’re just people, and it was truly spectacular to see that kind of future being portrayed in an extremely popular piece of media. Indeed, the gay man tells a heartfelt story about when he lost his husband in an attack by one of the villainous groups in the series, and it was pretty heart-wrenching. Good stuff.

  22. leonardschneider says

    A friend of mine referred to her ex-girlfriend as having turned into “an evil hell-bitch” towards the end of their romance. By Robertson’s logic, shouldn’t that have made my friend more attracted to her ex?

  23. Matrim says

    Whenever I hear someone talk about demons (or angels for that matter) as if they were real my mind immediately leaps to: “And zombies! Where the fuck are all the zombies? That’s the problem with zombies, they’re unreliable.”

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