Bryan Fischer’s Insane Bigotry

This clip of Bryan Fischer’s radio show provides a perfect opportunity to play “spot the logical fallacy.” He argues that it’s “ridiculous” to think that mocking, intimidating and hating gay kids leads them to commit suicide because Christians get made fun of too and they don’t kill themselves.


  1. says

    Are they the overwhelming majority everyone should show deference to, or are they the oppressed underdogs today? It’s hard to keep up.

    I can only speculate that they would answer, “Yes.”

  2. says

    Nothing worse than being a wealthy, white, Evangelical Christian male these days. Brutal discrimination on every front.

  3. cactuswren says

    Transcript for the benefit of anyone who might have trouble with the video:

    You know, one of the things that I’ve said, you know, what they’re sayin’ is, you, you, and we don’t mock homosexuals, we don’t. We care about them, we love them, we want to see them get help, we don’t ridicule them, we don’t make fun of them. We want them to get help. We have serious concerns about that lifestyle, because it’s so destructive and we want to see them liberated from that, that’s where we’re coming from. But, you know, uh, as far as the left’s co — is concerned, we’re mocking them, we’re condemning them, and that’s why they’re out there killing themselves, so when I say well look, if mocking somebody, or ridiculing somebody, or condemning somebody, is — is enough to drive ya to suicide, then we oughta be killin’ ourselves by the dozens here at AFA, cuz this is all we get from the left, we are relentlessly hammered. Condemned, criticized, judged, ya know, we oughta be killin’ ourselves right’n’left, but we’re not. We’re enjoyin’ life, we’re happy, we’re up, we’re positive, vurzn’t anybody around here thinkin’ about killin’ ’emselves because we have been ridiculed, so that is just ridiculous on its, on its face.

  4. meg says

    Um, where to start.

    1. We care about them, we love them, we want to see them get help, we don’t ridicule them, we don’t make fun of them. Bullcrap. If he did love them, he wouldn’t want them to suffer.

    2. So, he’s saying no Christian kid ever committed suicide? Well, I worked in Catholic schools, and believe me, I knew plenty who were suicidal. Fortunately none went through with it in my time there, but I knew of one who did after he’d left school.

    3. Bullying should be stopped period. It’s damaging to children regardless of the reasons for it (and they are so amazingly varied, it’s not funny). Never mind who exactly is going through it (I’m not saying it’s easier for one group to deal with over another) – it’s an intensely personal thing, so each child reacts differently.

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