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Tea Partiers Lap Up Anti-Education Rhetoric

Despite being justifiably mocked for his simplistic demagoguery, Rick Santorum continues to push his anti-education position and claim that Obama is trying to indoctrinate people by making college more accessible for them. TPM interviews people at a Tea Party rally in Michigan where he spoke on the subject and finds them lapping it up: Read more

Obama Wants FISA Amendment Challenge Dismissed

The Obama DOJ is being asked to dismiss a challenge to the 2008 FISA amendments, which were supported by Obama despite his threat to filibuster the bill, on standing grounds. There’s a great FARK headline for this: “The GOP’s conundrum: Created by Bush, so it’s good. Wait, it’s supported by Obama, so it’s bad. Crap, the ACLU is against it so it has to be good.” Read more

‘Psychic’ Sentenced to Prison for Fraud

A Colorado woman who defrauded her clients of hundreds of thousands of dollars was sentenced to five years in prison last week. A local TV station in Denver has a full report: Read more

Pope Palpatine No Like Artificial Insemination

Pope Palpatine I continued his courageous struggle to remain firmly rooted in the 19th century by telling those who have used artificial insemination to have children that they’re arrogant for not just resigning themselves to the fate God had in store for them: Read more

Santorum: Romney is the 99%

It’s standard operating procedure in politics to try to paint one’s opponents in the most negative ways you possibly can, but sometimes those attempts are just laughable — like when Republicans try to paint Obama as a terrorist-loving appeaser. But now they’re turning those rhetorical big guns on one another. Did you know that Mitt Romney is part of the Occupy Wall Street movement? Rick Santorum does. Read more