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Tar Sands Oil is Really Bad Stuff

A former high school classmate of mine, Pam Bullock — who, unlike me, seems hardly to have aged at all in the 27 years since we graduated — writes on her blog about the Keystone XL pipeline. She writes, in part: Read more

Santorum: Too Crazy Even For Republicans

Rick Santorum’s repulsive pandering to stupid voters by bashing colleges as “indoctrination” mills and calling Obama a “snob” for thinking kids should have the opportunity to go to college has even his fellow Republicans crying foul. At the National Governors Association meeting, no one would defend him at all. Read more

Greta on God’s Baffling Decisions

Someone on Facebook linked to a 5 year old post by Greta Christina about something that really annoys me as well, the claim by anyone who is fortunate in any way that God is blessing them and looking out for them. She begins with the example of a man who narrowly missed out on a tragic accident: Read more

WikiLeaks Exposes Private CIA

WikiLeaks has released about 5 million emails from a company called Stratfor, which appears to operate as essentially a private CIA for governments and corporations around the world. Here is some of what they say is in those emails: Read more

FL Bill Would Drug Test All State Employees

Not content to force suspicion-free drug testing on everyone who gets public assistance in the state of Florida, now the Republican legislators want to drug test all state employees — except themselves, of course, because that would violate their rights. Read more