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Boykin Pulled From West Point Event

Got some great news from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Monday night. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin has withdrawn from the National Prayer Breakfast at West Point, likely under pressure from the Pentagon to do so. MRFF and VoteVets had been putting the heat on to make this happen, working on behalf of more than 100 cadets and faculty at the military academy. Read more

Rationality and Recognizing Important Distinctions

A discussion in the comment thread of an earlier post got me thinking about the influence of tribalism and simplistic thinking in political and religious discussions. In the midst of political and religious disagreements of the kind discussed here every day, it is very easy to fall into the trap of turning one’s opponents into a single monolithic group, of using a label as a handy stand in for thinking. It’s something we all do at times, but it’s something that a skeptic or rationalist should attempt to avoid whenever possible. Read more

Pennsylvania Declares Year of the Bible

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted last week to declare 2012 the “year of the Bible.” And they voted for it unanimously, a 193-0 vote. And the whole thing is standard-issue Christian nation nonsense. Here’s the full text: Read more

Another Wingnut Endorses Newt

Newt Gingrich has won the endorsement of yet another first class religious right whacko, this time the self-declared “apostle” Dutch Sheets, one of the leaders of the dominionist New Apostolic Reformation. Gingrich has named him vice-chair of his “faith leaders coalition.” And this guy is seriously nuts. Read more

Indiana Senate Panel Wants To Get Sued

The Indiana Senate apparently wants to lose a really big lawsuit. The Committee on Education and Career Development passed Senate Bill 89 last week by an 8-2 vote, sending it to the floor for a full vote. Here’s what that bill would do: Read more