Computer Help Needed

So they came and installed the new equipment in my office for my radio show today, but there’s a problem. The microphone plugs into my computer through a USB connection, with an adapter that runs from the standard XLR plug to the USB port, but when I plug it in it also kills my sound. I can’t hear anything coming out of the speakers with it plugged in. Is there a setting that allows me to channel the mic input through that USB port but keep the speaker output going to my regular headphone jack or to the computer’s speakers? I’m using Windows 7.

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Barber vs … Everyone

With much of the right wing punditry going at Newt Gingrich with pick axes, Matt Barber of the badly misnamed Liberty Counsel, a Newt supporter, comes to his defense with his usual illogic and simpleminded rhetoric. You see, it’s all Matt Drudge’s fault for linking to things said by other conservatives.
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Boykin Pulled From West Point Event

Got some great news from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Monday night. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin has withdrawn from the National Prayer Breakfast at West Point, likely under pressure from the Pentagon to do so. MRFF and VoteVets had been putting the heat on to make this happen, working on behalf of more than 100 cadets and faculty at the military academy.
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Rationality and Recognizing Important Distinctions

A discussion in the comment thread of an earlier post got me thinking about the influence of tribalism and simplistic thinking in political and religious discussions. In the midst of political and religious disagreements of the kind discussed here every day, it is very easy to fall into the trap of turning one’s opponents into a single monolithic group, of using a label as a handy stand in for thinking. It’s something we all do at times, but it’s something that a skeptic or rationalist should attempt to avoid whenever possible.
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Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Newt Gingrich

The Bryan Fischer award is given to those who displays weapons-grade projection in accusing their opponents of their own worst traits. Newt Gingrich is the walking embodiment of that concept, a man who, with a completely straight face, slams his opponents for negative campaigning when he, more than anyone else, taught conservatives how to do it. It was GOPAC, his group, that put out a 1996 memo telling followers how to portray their opponents in the most negative light possible using specific codewords.
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