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Computer Help Needed

So they came and installed the new equipment in my office for my radio show today, but there’s a problem. The microphone plugs into my computer through a USB connection, with an adapter that runs from the standard XLR plug to the USB port, but when I plug it in it also kills my sound. I can’t hear anything coming out of the speakers with it plugged in. Is there a setting that allows me to channel the mic input through that USB port but keep the speaker output going to my regular headphone jack or to the computer’s speakers? I’m using Windows 7.

What About All the Non-Gay Kids Who Kill Themselves?

Anti-gay loony Michael Brown was on an American Family Association radio show last week and he admitted that gay teenagers do commit suicide because of anti-gay bullying, but then said, in essence, that it’s no big deal because kids kill themselves for lots of other reasons too: Read more

Fox News Lies About Rock Beyond Belief

Todd Starnes of Fox News tries his damnedest to dredge up faux controversy over the Rock Beyond Belief event at Ft. Bragg. Justin Griffith, the force behind the festival, has the full transcript of the interview he did with Starnes, which shows how he hacked it up dishonestly. Read more

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Barber vs … Everyone

With much of the right wing punditry going at Newt Gingrich with pick axes, Matt Barber of the badly misnamed Liberty Counsel, a Newt supporter, comes to his defense with his usual illogic and simpleminded rhetoric. You see, it’s all Matt Drudge’s fault for linking to things said by other conservatives. Read more

Fischer: Bill Clinton Causes Cancer!

A new report finds that mouth and throat cancers are increasing because of HPV infections brought on by oral sex. And according to Bryan Fischer, it’s all Bill Clinton’s fault. Seriously. Read more