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Get Your Evil Little Shirts

Everyone at Freethought Blogs admires the hell out of Jessica Ahlquist and the extraordinary courage and resolve she has shown in the face of a barrage of threats and abuse even from her own elected representatives. So we’re going to use Peter Palumbo’s vile words against him and use it to help Jessica. Proudly declare that you, too, are an “evil little thing” with these shirts:

The shirts start at $15, and $10 of that goes to the Jessica Ahlquist college fund set up by Hemant Mehta. You can pick from different colors and fonts. And a huge thanks to the awesome folks from Phire Branded Apparel for putting this together for us so quickly.

Update: Oh, and I love JT’s idea — for those who want to, take a pic of yourself wearing an Evil Little Thing t-shirt and send it to us. We’ll post them in batches.


  1. The Christian Cynic says

    I saw that there is customization allowed for the back – the shirt really needs a good quote on the back to explain what the front means so it can carry some significance. I actually think I would consider buying one when I get some money* if I can think of something good to put on the back.

    *I’m a teacher, so that’s a joke.

  2. lordshipmayhem says

    Like Jessica, I’m an evil little thing – because like Jessica, I support obeying the law.

    And apparently to religious fundamentalists, righteous people do the “Fuck You” dance all over the law.

  3. timlimbert says

    Got mine! Will wear it to my school on Casual Fridays. ;-)

    Now, I want to start a band called “Evil Little Thing”.

  4. dezzy says

    Awesome. My parent’s nickname for me growing up was heathen. This shirt will nicely add to this. Muahahah!! (Evil laugh)

  5. exdrone says

    The Christian Cynic @6 says:

    the shirt really needs a good quote on the back to explain what the front means

    Concur. Otherwise, it sounds like a man who is poorly endowed but up for the challenge.

  6. says

    the shirt really needs a good quote on the back to explain what the front means

    I ordered before realizing that you could put a quote on the back, but somebody on JT’s blog suggested “It wasn’t Satan, it was me. Quit giving him credit. – Jessica Ahlquist” which is something I believe she said on Twitter.

  7. blorf says

    How many people could we get to wear one of these at Palumbo’s next fundraiser? No active protest, just flood the audience with them…

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