AFA Pulls Christmas Cross

A couple years ago I reported about the American Family Association selling an artificial burning cross on their website as a Christmas decoration, which they started selling shortly after Obama was elected president. It appears to now be gone from their website, but you can see the archive of the page here. Here’s the missing picture of the item:

The AFA's artificial burning cross

Just the thing for that friend who truly is dreaming of a white Christmas.


  1. Aquaria says

    And I bet they have ornaments of Obama for their trees, with the string for hanging them done up like a rope around his neck.

  2. Aquaria says

    I hope none of them finds this page–you know they’d be taking notes.

    “Why didn’t I think of that, Erlene?!”

  3. carolw says

    We’re two for two on jawdrops here, looking at that. There’s tacky, then there’s “what the hell, I don’t even know how someone can come up with something like that.”

  4. ebotebo says

    I agree with Taz @ #9. However, I’m just wonderin’ if there is an accessory you can buy to roast your Fuckin’ chestnuts!?!

  5. schism says

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    I’ve found “stupidly malicious” to be most explanatory, personally. “Maliciously stupid” is less common than you’d think, but still extant.

  6. anandine says

    I must be a lot less cynical than you guys, or maybe more naive, but when I’ve seen these things in the past, here in suburban Southern California, I’ve thought they were over-the-top christianity, not KKK gang signs. Maybe it was the context, a creche and wise men and angels.

    Did the ads say it was a burning cross? If so, I suspect it was a rebranding of an existing non-racial Christian tchatchka.

  7. says


    It probably wasn’t intended to be such, but it’s kind of hard to look at it, noting the general attitude of the people it comes from, and to not want to say “are you people out of your goddamn minds? Do you know what that looks like?”

  8. Jim says

    I have known most of my how vicious christians are, but I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this.

  9. iankennedy says

    So, if it’s a cross that emits light then it is automatically a racist icon.

    Got it. Glad to see the wing nuts aren’t the only ones that get their panties in a bunch over trivialities.

  10. Chris from Europe says

    It may be an over-interpretation, but it’s not very honest to claim it’s about crosses that emit light. The important aspect is that it visualizes a burning cross.

    Of course, the AFA likely meant it as a symbol for beliefers upstanding against evil Democrats.

    Got it. Glad to see the wing nuts aren’t the only ones that get their panties in a bunch over trivialities.

    No, we are just amused. If I am nice, I could wonder how they could miss the connotation. On the other hand, they may have thought that they get away with it.

  11. dan4 says

    @17. I’m with you, ian. It’s obviously a white-light-adorned cross, not a “burning” one.

    @18. Yeah, suggesting (without evidence) that the AFA wants to literally HANG a person who’s half African-American…no, no race-baiting to see here, folks. Move along (rolls eyes). Seriously, why do you defend Aquaria’s indefensible jackassery?

  12. Chris from Europe says

    It’s a joke about an organization that is known to be bigoted in various ways and simply disgusting. It’s telling to see you defend them.

    In Aquaria’s post it’s figuratively, not literally.

    I don’t see how you could call that race-baiting except in the strange right-wing definition. Making jokes about people known to be racists is race-baiting? (Yes, they do have such a history. Bryan Fisher alone …)

    Of course, there are people who claim that criticizing or making fun of racists is anti-white race-baiting. These people are called racists.

  13. dan4 says

    Oh, for pete’s sake, frrom Aquaria’s @5″…with the string for hanging them down up like a rope around his neck.”

    Aquaria is clearly taking about Christmas decorations made to look like a LITERAL hanging of Obama.

  14. jefferylanam says

    Before the KKK, the flaming cross was used in the Scottish Highlands as a signal to gather the clans for battle. Since the American South was heavily settled by the Scots and Scots-Irish, they would have known that tradition. Despite the antebellum significance of the symbol, its use by the KKK is so well known that the AFA should have known how it would have been seen. Hindus and American Indians used the swastika before the Nazis, but you don’t find it in many stores selling artwork of either kind of Indian today, at least in the West.

  15. Azkyroth says

    It’s not just a white-light-adorned cross. It’s *raggedly* adorned with yellowish-white light. That just happens to unmistakably resemble fire.

    “Well, I call it ‘blood,’ detective. I suppose you’d write it up as ‘graffiti.'”

  16. Chris from Europe says

    The important aspect you are missing is that the thing as a whole isn’t about literally hanging Obama. It’s about people who like to allude to such an act and there are actually quite a few. Given that not just Fischer, but also Wildmon (don’t know which one of the two) made statements indicating their hate for Obama.

    That the AFA shouldn’t be presumed to have issues with racism is simply ridiculous.

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