Why Does Newt Gingrich Hate Jesus?

Now that we’re in the midst of the invented annual outrage known as the War on Christmas, Right Wing Watch catches Newt Gingrich participating in that war by having a “holiday” — as opposed to Christmas — sale on his books. In fact, as they note, it looks remarkably like a Walgreens holiday sale ad that led to an AFA boycott of the company. Here’s the ad:

Gingrich clearly hates Jesus and loves the gay terrorists.


  1. fastlane says

    Clearly, he hates Jeebus because he was a Jooooooo.

    This concludes today’s simple answers to simple questions.

  2. says

    All together in 3, 2, 1: IOKIYAR!

    News Hounds regularly reports each year that Fox “news” Corpse has a holiday party each year.
    And culture vulture Swill O’Liely, the “War on Christmas” pimp daddy, has on his web site a listing of “holiday gifts.”
    Fucking hypocritical bunch of douchenozzles.

  3. dingojack says

    All I want for Yule this year – is a War on John Birch Society Nonsense. It that too much to ask for?

  4. interrobang says

    Soviet Canuckistan has had same-sex marriage for years, and last I checked, the country hasn’t fallen down around our ears. *peers over the edge of her cubicle* Nope, still the same old same old out there. I even know some *gasp* happily married gay people. And some bitter straight divorcees. I don’t know any gay divorcees yet, though.

    I’m still waiting for a good explanation as to how exactly same-sex marriage even affects anybody other than the people getting married and the person who signs their paperwork. So far, all I’ve been hearing is crickets, which is pretty damn unusual for the 7th of December…

  5. says

    Newt hates for the same reason a dog licks its balls, because it feels good to him.

    and of course Newts don’t have external balls, so they can’t lick them.

  6. arakasi says

    My son is in kindergarten and his class just finished their holiday projects in which they made posters about the holidays they like best. When I picked him up from school yesterday, he wanted to show me all of his classmates’ work.

    I counted the following posters
    2 Thanksgiving
    2 religious Christmas
    1 secular Christmas
    2 Eid
    1 Diwalli
    1 Kawanza
    1 “Nashoor” or something like that (I’ve never run across that one before)

    His teacher is Muslim, his best friend is Jewish, and I think the girl who did one of the Thanksgiving posters is Greek Orthodox, but I’m not sure.

    I have to say “happy holidays” because it would be pure guesswork to try and match the holiday to the person.

  7. Aquaria says

    When you have a segment of American itching to be martyrs, you’ll have idiots pandering to them to make them feel like martyrs.

  8. doktorzoom says

    So, “Holidays” is offensive because it acknowledges (among other things) the existence of Hannukah….but the same folks also natter on and on about our sacred “Judeo-Christian Heritage”?

  9. d cwilson says


    You’re not fooling us. We all know that Soviet Canukistan is a socialist hellhole that you’re all dying to escape from. Sean Hannity said so.

  10. dan4 says

    @5: Yes or no question: did you actually read Gingrich’s book (be honest)? And if the answer is “yes,” what specific content in it demonstrates his “hatred for Jesus, America, and the whole of humanity?”

    @8: So all hate is wrong (that’s the implied assumption behind your question)? Seriously?

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