Dec 05 2011

A Friend Needs Help

A friend of mine from CFI – Michigan needs our help. Her mother is dying of cancer and the family needs financial help as a result. She writes about it here. Tiffany is one of the young leaders in the secular community in Michigan (I’ve mentioned her before because she and her husband named their son Loki, which I think is terribly cool — as is the kid). Please be as generous as you can in helping their family in a time of need.


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    Paypal link not working, I think?

  2. 2

    Wendy- the paypal link in the PDF may not be working.. it’s just paypal.com and directed towards my e-mail address.

    Everyone– I cannot express adequately the thanks I need to here to the generosity of your readers Ed.. After I stop crying and compose myself , I will write something..


  3. 3

    I just went to PayPal and tabbed to “Send Money” and sent it to “[email protected]”.

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    Marcus Ranum

    Is there some way this can be part of my war on christmas?

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    Can You Help Her Out? | Friendly Atheist

    [...] link right now.)In case you’re wondering if this is for real, Ed Brayton at Freethought Blogs knows her personally and encourages any generosity you can spare. About Hemant Mehta Hemant Mehta is the chair of [...]

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