Happy Birthday, Greta Christina

Happy Birthday to FTB’s beloved Greta Christina, who turns 50 years old today. After years of only admiring her from a distance and occasionally linking back and forth to her blog, I was very happy that she agreed to join this network when we asked her. And even more happy to finally get to meet her in person at Skepticon, and her partner Ingrid as well. She rocks in pretty much every way a person can rock. And if you’re a drinker, you should try the cocktail she invented for her birthday.

Rock Beyond Belief: Make Your Plans Now

Al Stefanelli has all the details on the Rock Beyond Belief event, which will take place at Ft. Bragg on March 31. The unfortunate thing is that the event is only a week after the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C., so many people won’t be able to afford going to both. But if you can make it, this is going to be an amazing and important event. I am really honored to be taking part in it. I’ll be acting as host and emcee, introducing all of the other awesome speakers and performers, which include Richard Dawkins, Hemant Mehta, Roy Zimmerman and many others. Justin Griffith deserves unlimited praise for his hard work putting this event together and I hope to see you all there.

Why the Iowa Caucuses are Overrated

Every four years the attention of the media and the entire political world is focused on Iowa and the results of the caucuses there are a huge factor in determining the presidential nominee from at least one of the two major parties (this year, only the Republicans because there is a Democratic incumbent without a serious challenger). The obvious question: Why?
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Israel Asserts Liberal Values Against Religious Extremism

The government of Israel, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are taking action to stop ultra-orthodox extremists from bullying young girls for don’t follow their strict dress code. This has long been a problem in areas of Israel (and the U.S. for that matter) controlled by these nuts, but the story of a little girl shown on Israeli TV seems to have galvanized the reaction to it:
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Paul Campaign Welcomes Endorsement of Theocrat Pastor

The Ron Paul campaign announced the endorsement of Rev. Phillip Kayser of Dominion Covenant Church in Omaha, Nebraska this week. Warren Throckmorton documents that Kayzer is a theocrat who wants to impose Biblical death penalties on gay people and adulterers. The article on the Paul campaign site appears to have been deleted now, but here’s the cache copy.
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