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Taxpayers Pay For Propaganda for Dictators

Foreign Policy reports that a Pentagon program is spending $120 million a year on building propaganda websites to support repressive dictators around the world, including Uzbekistan thug Islam Karimov. Read more

Geller Freaks Out About Muslim Creationism

You might want to put those irony meters away for this one. The endlessly idiotic Pam Geller has found a new target for her righteous rage after the terrorist turkeys and it is — spins wheel — Muslim medical students opposing the teaching of evolution because if conflicts with the Quran. Read more

Palin Worshipers Won’t Give Up

It’s really hard to imagine a more delusional group of people than the folks at Conservatives4Palin. They’re actually going to be buying a TV ad in Iowa urging Palin to reconsider her decision not to run because the country so desperately needs her leadership: Read more

Record Corporate Profits Don’t Help Economy

The New York Times has an amazing graph that clearly disproves the notion that low corporate taxes and high corporate profits will create unprecedented economic growth and millions of new jobs. Corporate profits are at an all time high even while wages and business taxes have gone down and unemployment has soared. Here’s the graph: Read more

Kansas School Violates Student’s Rights

Here’s an absolutely clear cut case of a school overstepping the First Amendment, with the help of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, who was apparently upset when a student tweeted something mean about him when he spoke to a group of high schoolers from around the state. Read more