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  1. MikeMa says

    Also terminally inflexible.

    They are creating a gang not a political party. Absolute everything.

  2. Michael Heath says

    I too continue to find similarities between Herman Cain and Sarah Palin, which I didn’t expect prior to getting to know Mr. Cain.

    I hadn’t previously thought about why he’s attractive to the conservative base and while Mr. Sullivan’s case is compelling, I’m not there yet. Cain could merely be the flavor of the month simply because the base continues to reject Gov. Romney while all the other candidates have imploded with a hint of scrutiny, as it appears is happening to Herman Cain. So I’m not ready to acknowledge the base is actually excited about him as a candidate for president rather than just exploiting his race in their ongoing propaganda efforts to falsely define the nature of American conservatism.

    I’m particularly bemused by Mr. Cain thinking it’s up to him to decide when we’re done scrutinizing him. His repeated, “end of story” like he used when caught promoting both choice and “life” is a popular reaction by those unable to effectively think or argue.

  3. tbp1 says

    I’m finding myself agreeing with Sullivan more and more often, certainly way more often than I ever expected (although I always thought he was a good writer).

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