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Funniest Thing I Read Today

Herman Cain is trying to shore up his foreign policy cred by hiring a consultant to give him a few clever catchphrases to throw around that sound inspiring and compelling. Like this one, from the consultant himself: Read more

No Gun Safety Lessons for You!

The owner of a store in Texas — of course — has a radio ad for his business teaching gun safety for people to receive their conceal/carry permits. But he won’t teach you if you’re a liberal. Or a non-Christian. Especially an Arab or a Muslim. Read more

Bennett, Robertson Don’t Like Women in Power

Bill Bennett went on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson and they agreed that having women in positions of power, like having them run companies, is blurring gender roles and will have a terrible effect on society. Right Wing Watch has the video and transcript: Read more

Orly Taitz to Run for the Senate

In yet another sign that Bacchus loves me and wants me perpetually amused, Orly Taitz has joined the cattle call of crazy in running for office in 2012, filing papers with the FEC to run for the Republican nomination to challenge Diane Feinstein for her Senate seat. Read more

Hilarious Quote of the Day

From our pal Newt: “At some point I think it’s going to come down to Romney and me,” Gingrich said. “Once we get down to a two-person debate, then I’m reasonably confident I will win,” Gingrich said. He’s so cute when he’s being delusional.