The Fallibility of Human Memory

Jonah Lehrer writes about a new study of human memory and storytelling, particularly about how unreliable our memories often are, especially after years of recounting the story. Over time, we tend to embellish and borrow details from other stories, resulting in part fact and part fiction — and often even using the memories of others as our own, all while entirely believing it ourselves.
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The Return of Robert Bork

My former colleague Dave Weigel notes that Robert Bork has signed up as an adviser to Mitt Romney. And if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, you haven’t paid much attention to Bork over the years. He also links to this column by Joe Nocero, which argues that the Bork confirmation hearings were “the end of civil discourse in politics.” To say that Nocero is full of crap would be an insult to crap.
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Kinchlow Blathers About Church and State

The Worldnutdaily now features weekly columns by Ben Kinchlow, former co-host of the 700 Club. Unsurprisingly, they demonstrate all the ignorance we’ve come to expect from WND columnists. His latest column contains lots of nonsense about separation of church and state. Like, did you know that it’s a communist idea?
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What’s the Harm in False Beliefs?

If you’re like me, whenever you find yourself criticizing some form of pseudoscience masquerading as reality you will inevitably get someone who says something like, “Oh, what’s the harm in believing in that? Everyone has to believe in something.” What’s the harm has the answer. This site, organized by category, shows the cost in both dollars and human life of believing in everything from astrology to vaccine denialism. These beliefs have real-life consequences.

Fischer Confuses Criticism and Censorship

What is it with wingnuts not understanding that just because someone points out their stupidity and bigotry, that doesn’t mean they’re being persecuted? Bryan Fischer makes this asinine argument yet again when writing about the court ruling that the names of those who signed a petition against marriage equality can’t be withheld:
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