Hilarious Quote of the Day

From our pal Newt:

“At some point I think it’s going to come down to Romney and me,” Gingrich said. “Once we get down to a two-person debate, then I’m reasonably confident I will win,” Gingrich said.

He’s so cute when he’s being delusional.


  1. says

    That really is some weapons-grade delusion, right there. I wonder if Newt’s going to snap and wind up in a padded white room somewhere. And I don’t mean the oval office.

  2. says

    If it did become a straight race between Newt and Mitt I wouldn’t be so quick to write Newt off. Given any other choice (of a right-wing candidate) the right of the GOP base wouldn’t vote for him, but even though they don’t like him very much, they always seem to go out of their way to say they “respect his intellect” and he’s an “idea’s man”.

    So if it’s between him and Romney, who has been written off as a liberal, I suspect it would be a close run thing, with many on the right holding their noses to vote for Newt.

  3. Michael Heath says

    Newt Gingrich justifies his claim he’s a serious and viable candidate for the nomination by pointing out that John McCain was supposedly concurrently running third in the polls in the ’08 electoral season. This justification was a response to criticism he received from Meghan McCain; she claimed his campaign is, “obviously some sort of vanity project“.
    Cite: http://goo.gl/JW98C

  4. MikeMa says

    Newty may have risen (barely) to double digits in some polls but he’s not that high in many places. He is also severely strapped for cash. That’s going to hurt him medium & long term if he has a long term.

  5. slc1 says

    Re MikeMa @ #7

    According to the article I linked to in #5, apparently Mr. Gingrich is having some success in raising campaign funds as of late.

  6. says

    No, no, no!
    I want the Teabaggers — particularly those of the Southern persuasion — to find themselves in a booth in a few weeks with the sudden realization that they either have to vote for the Mormon or the black guy.

  7. MikeMa says

    As to Newty’s finances, I saw the claim of $2.1 million but Cain pulled in $3 million during the same time period I think. Sounds like the Koch brothers are trying to seal their influence regardless of who wins the GOP idiot primary.

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