John Jay Flies the Coop

Noxious proto-fascist John Jay has declared that he will write no more:

i am despised by the left. toxic to my friends, those who remain. and, seemingly either ridiculous or not of interest to all others, just not relevant in any particular, it would seem.

So far, so good. But let’s get it right — you’re despised by pretty much any thinking person who values a just and decent society. You are toxic to your friends because you write vile things that reveal the authoritarian ends of the right-wing anti-Islam movement, the things they try, at least most of the time, to conceal.

so, from this day forth, i will write no more forever. it’s just not worth the bother, not worth the indulgence.

The punchline is that, after writing this, he updated the post. Twice. And one of them makes clear that he’s been leaned upon by Geller and Spencer over this recent outburst:

i have no editorial, nor intellectual, nor administrative connection with either “f.d.i.” or “s.i.o.a.” nor have i ever. i have no editorial, nor intellectual, nor administrative connection or input into the running of either “atlas shrugs” or “jihad watch.” i certainly do not contribute to the authorship of what appears at those blogs, nor to the content of their posting. nor to the ideas they propound and advance.

i support what they do, … , but, i apparently add nothing to it, & detract from it.

and, it may be said w/ absolute accuracy that neither pamela geller nor robert spencer have any input, or contribution, or control over what has appeared in the “pages” of this blog, nor any connection to the blog. you may be given to understand, moreover, that they disavow any approval over my recent posts here, and they have expressed their vigorous disagreement with the same.

But the truth is that Geller and Spencer also support terribly authoritarian and unjust actions against Muslims. They feverishly work to deny the First Amendment rights of Muslims to build mosques. They continue to argue that Islam is not really religious but is a political movement so as to diminish the free exercise rights of Muslims (Geller makes that argument yet again in her most recent Worldnutdaily column). It’s only a small step from “you can’t build any more mosques or expand the ones you have” to Jay’s “burn down the mosques.” Suppression by governmental coercion is little different from the violence of the mob.

And does anyone think he means it? I don’t. He’ll be back. People like him can’t help themselves.


  1. ArtK says

    Ah, a GCF: Goodbye Cruel Forum (or GCI: Goodbye Cruel Internet.) Somehow, they never seem to follow through on that kind of thing. Possibly because they get more “don’t let the door hit you on your way out” than “oh please stay! You’re wonderful!”

    As always, wingnut-on-wingnut violence is nothing but entertaining.

  2. raven says

    Most likely he is also on FBI and Homeland Security watch lists now. Good luck trying to fly on an airplane or leave the country.

    They have a huge budget and lots of personpower. To keep track of potential homicidal maniacs and terrorists like…John Jay.

  3. says

    i will write no more forever. it’s just not worth the bother, not worth the indulgence.

    At least he recognized the indulgence.
    Trying to write above your skill-level is always risky, isn’t it?

  4. ManOutOfTime says

    Hopefully someone who cares about him will send him a muffin basket – or a shift key! – or something. He’s having a big existential sad.

  5. Dennis N says

    toxic to my friends, those who remain.

    Brah, they’re just as toxic, those before and those who remain.

  6. lordshipmayhem says

    JJ, before you go and leave the cruel, cruel Internet behind, e. e. cummings would like his punctuation back…

  7. savoy47 says

    Jesus won’t come back until the temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt. That won’t happen until the dome of the rock is removed from the temple mount. The Muslims won’t leave on their own therefore they must be destroyed before jesus comes back. This is another case of, “god’s little helpers”, doing their part in service to their impotent god. Allowing Muslims to appear human in any way makes genocide harder to pull off when the time comes.

    We humans have a natural revulsion to killing another human. That’s why the first step is to dehumanize the target group. This creates a loophole to bypass this natural revulsion. The agents of this dehumanizing effort have one motto: Every day in every way.

  8. says

    Most wingnuts use random all-capitalization of words; this guy’s keyboard seems to not even have a working caps button. Weird.

    ~David D.G.

  9. michaelcrichton says

    Tubi: Yes, he is. 100 years ago he would have loudly advocated “civilizing” the Indians by force and massacring those who resisted, but now that that’s safely in the past he feels comfortable appropriating the imagery of that persecution. 100 years from now, a future wingnut will use similar “I’m being victimized just like American Muslims were!” comparisons when called out for whatever bigotry is in fashion then.

  10. notruescott says

    I’d love it if they could get the whole “Islam is a political movement, not a religion” thing to stick, because based on their actions of the past few decades, christianity has achieved that same status to an even greater extent.

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