The Conservative Base Isn’t Gonna Like This

One of the fascinating things about Rick Perry is how little contact there is between perception and reality. The perception is that he’s a hardcore, Tea Party conservative; the reality is that he is a political shape shifter who rivals Mitt Romney, at one point or another taking a far more liberal position on lots of issues than those who make up his current political base understands. On immigration, for example, Perry publicly opposed Arizona’s famous SB 1070 law. He’s also criticized the E-Verify program and has been strongly opposed to the idea of walling off the Mexican border. The Tea Party folks tend to be strongly in favor of all of those things.

And here’s a fact that might shake up his base, if they actually paid attention to facts. A new study by the Center for Immigration Studies finds that more than 80% of the jobs created in Texas during Perry’s alleged “Texas miracle” went to immigrants:
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Farah vs Maddow and Ackerman

Joseph Farah is going after Rachel Maddow and Spencer Ackerman in his column at the Worldnutdaily. And boy is he off base.

Maddow has a big mouth but very little courage. The very day Maddow was talking about these issues, another program on MSNBC had invited me to discuss one of them – the flying banner. I agreed. The segment was canceled. MSNBC invited me again the next day. I agreed. The segment was canceled. This happens frequently at MSBNC as well as CNN and Fox. I suspect some of these shows merely invite me to be on hoping I can’t make it. Then they can say, “We invited Farah to be here tonight but he declined the opportunity.” But what strikes me about Maddow is how infrequently she even entertains the idea of interviewing people with whom she disagrees. Does she lack any confidence in her own ability to debate – even with all the advantages of the host seat? Instead, her show is little more than cavalcade of guests who share Maddow’s twisted and extreme opinions. Perhaps more Americans would watch the ratings-starved MSNBC if its ultra-left hosts had the cojones to confront those they accuse on a daily basis. Just a thought.

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DADT Repeal Prompts Much Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

John Guardiano writes a profoundly ridiculous post-mortem on the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the American Spectator.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, sadly, is now history. And its demise is being celebrated by the media as a milestone on the march to “civil rights” and “equality” for gay men and women.

But in fact, just as with same-sex marriage, DADT has never been about civil rights or equality. Lesbians and homosexuals have always enjoyed the same legal rights and protections as every other American — including the right to serve in the U.S. military, albeit not openly as gay men and women.

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Haley: Facts Don’t Affect Policy Choices

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is proving to have Michele Bachmann’s immunity to reality. In pushing for drug testing for those who receive unemployment benefits, she claimed recently that half of all unemployed people who applied for a certain job failed a drug test. Turns out it was less than 1 percent. But hey, she was close, right? After being corrected by the agency that posted the job, she makes some interesting statements.

“I’ve never felt like I had to back up what people tell me. You assume that you’re given good information,” Haley told Jim Davenport of the Associated Press. “And now I’m learning through you guys that I have to be careful before I say something.”

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The Anti-American Robert Spencer — Again

Wingnut Robert Spencer spews the same moronic lie his partner-in-crazy Pam Geller does about the left and Islam:

Spencer: It is ridiculous but it is very commonplace. I mean what we have really is that the left doesn’t really like America or western civilization and so I think that they see in Islam an another entity that doesn’t like western civilization and so they see it, in it an ally, and that’s essentially what’s going on.

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Barack Obama: Drug Warrior

Despite many promises to make the federal government’s drug policy at least slightly more sane, President Obama has turned out to be nearly as bad as Bush — and possibly even worse in some ways.

Kerlikowske’s earnest insistence that you can end the war on drugs if you stop calling it that gives you a sense of the chasm between rhetoric and reality in Obama’s drug policies, which by and large have been remarkably similar to his predecessor’s. With the major exception of crack sentences, which were substantially reduced by a law the administration supported, Obama has not delivered what reformers hoped he would. His most conspicuous failure has been his policy on medical marijuana, which is in some ways even more aggressively intolerant than George W. Bush’s, featuring more-frequent raids by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), ruinous IRS audits, and threats of prosecution against not only dispensaries but anyone who deals with them. “I initially had high hopes,” says Marsha Rosenbaum, “but now believe Obama has abdicated drug policy to the DEA.”

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What Would Lincoln Do?

Eric Kleefeld notes that Newt Gingrich is returning to the 1994 well and pulling out a new Contract with America, which he says is Abraham Lincoln would just love:

Gingrich told a Council Bluffs audience that his new platform “will be 10 times deeper and more comprehensive than 1994,” the Des Moines Register reports. “Because the truth is, while we changed the system some…we didn’t fundamentally change the underlying system.”

Gingrich also declared that his ideas will be “very big, and they’re exactly what Abraham Lincoln would have campaigned on.”

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Haggard and Busey Swapping Wives

In one of the weirdest bits of news in a long time, Ted Haggard and Gary Busey are going to swap wives for a TV show.

Ted Haggard is filming an episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap this week — with Gary Busey.

Marsha L. Smith, a spokesperson for ABC, confirmed to TPM that Haggard and Busey will be filming an episode of the show.

The premise of the series, which was imported by ABC from the UK, is exactly what it sounds like: Two families swap wives for a short period of time, drama presumably ensues.

I’m not sure which wife to feel more sorry for.

Perry’s Florida Leadership Team

Rick Perry has named a “leadership team” for the Florida campaign and it includes some of the same dominionist whackos behind his prayer rally. Right Wing Watch reports on one of them, Pam Olsen, who heads the Tallahassee wing of the International House of Prayer. Here’s a video of her talking about seven mountains dominionism and her desire to take over the government — and about how she’s going to have the power to raise the dead soon.
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Texas Republican Admits War on Birth Control

I have long said that the ultimate aim of the anti-choice crowd is to eliminate birth control. Why else would they be so opposed to teaching about birth control in sex ed classes? Why else would they still complain, after more than 40 years, not just about Roe v. Wade but about Griswold v. Connecticut, which struck down state laws against the use of contraception, as well? Now a Texas Republican legislator has finally come out and admitted that:
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The TMLC’s New Fundraising Appeal

I’m on the email list for the Thomas More Law Center and I get some amusing emails from them. Their latest one is a fundraising letter based on the case of the California teacher who was told to take down the banners in his classroom that are intended solely to push his religious views on his students. And they have the definitely set their phasers for martyrdom.

Last week a 3-judge panel of the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held it was okay for teachers to acclaim Buda and pro-gay rights, but not God.

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Another Reason to Love the First Amendment

Pakistan is on the verge of banning Facebook and any other website that allows anyone to criticize Islam:

The Lahore High Court Justice Sh Azmat Saeed on Monday ordered ministry of information and technology to block access to all websites in Pakistan especially American social networking website “Facebook”, spreading religious hatred on internet and to submit a compliance report by October 6. The judge, however, made it clear that no search engine including “Google” would be blocked.

The court issued this order while hearing a petition seeking a permanent ban on the access to American social networking website “Facebook” for hosting competition featuring blasphemous caricatures.

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I Suddenly Like the Foo Fighters

I’m completely neutral on the Foo Fighters musically. I don’t dislike them but I don’t particularly like them. They just sound like what it’s supposed to sound like when you turn on a hard rock radio station these days. But I like this a lot:

Rock stars the Foo Fighters played an impromptu show for a group of protesters from Westboro Baptist Church who had come to protest outside the band’s show Friday night in Kansas City, Missouri.

Band members jumped onto a flatbed truck, sporting costumes they wore in a recent video parody, parked across the street from the protest, and sang “Hot Buns,” CNN affiliate KSHB reported.

The lyrics to the song: “Driving all night, got a hankering for something/Think I’m in the mood for some hot-man muffins/Mmmm, sounds so fine, yes indeed” made pointed response to the church’s protest.

That rocks, literally and figuratively.

The Bloodthirsty Judson Phillips

Tea Party Nation leader Judson Phillips is angry at the execution of Troy Davis. Not because we may well have put an innocent man to death but because it took so long to do it:

Troy Davis was on death row for twenty years. He was given a trial by a jury of his peers and then had countless opportunities to relitigate his death penalty.

The justice system was not broken.

On second thought, may be it was. For twenty years, he sat on death row while Mark McPhail’s family had to endure all of the appeals. Perhaps the question we should be asking is why does it take twenty years and an untold amount of taxpayer money for justice to be delivered?

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