FRC Doesn’t Heart ‘It Gets Better’ Project

The Family Research Council, which thinks that gay people should be in jail, is very unhappy with President Obama for making a video message for the It Gets Better project, which tries to provide a little encouragement to LGBT youth who are often the victims of much harassment and bullying. And they’re trying to use the issue to get their credulous and bigoted followers to send them lots of money, as Right Wing Watch reports. Here’s the fundraising message they’re sending out:

Here’s what’s really going on here. The FRC, like all anti-gay bigots, actually wants to make sure that the lives of gay people are as miserable as possible. They actually believe that people choose their sexuality the way they choose which car to buy. So they want that car to be a horrible experience to drive so that others won’t make the same choice. They find it “disgusting” to try to provide a little support and encouragement to kids who are often so tormented by their peers that they end up killing themselves because they think if those kids aren’t tormented and abused, other kids are more likely to buy the same car. And that, my friends, is what is truly disgusting.


  1. Kaintukee Bob says

    The important part, the part that everyone tends to leave out, is that the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign isn’t even just targeted at GBLTQ youth – it’s targeted at ending the bullying of everyone. They try to provide support for straight students too. Hell, while you’re in middle and high school your sexuality is just appearing – many people don’t know if they’re gay, straight, bi, or asexual until well into their late teens or even 20s.

  2. lordshipmayhem says

    Well, I call a spade a spade – or a trowel a trowel. The FRC are a bunch of ignorant bigots.

    If they are not, I congratulate them on a magnificent camouflage – they deceived me completely.

  3. 386sx says

    Can you imagine George Washington, Ronald Reagan, or any other president

    Somehow… I don’t see it. I’m not convinced. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” I don’t think they would be on your side dude. I think you’re full of crap anyway. I think it’s all about the money.

  4. Mary Mallone says

    I’ve heard some concerns about the “It Gets Better” project (like, “You are telling people that it will get better later, but what about now?” and “It’s a bit unrealistic, because people may still face discrimination when they are older”), which are more than compensated for by the positive aspects of the project, but none of the legitimate concerns (or, really, critiques about some facets of the project) were “because God says that being nice to gay people is wrong”.

  5. Mary Mallone says

    Although I will say this about the FRC: at least they’re honest about their bigotry. They’re not dancing around like “we are concerned about promoting a certain morality in opposition to others that people may have” or “we are concerned that our own views are being opposed” or “we do not think it is healthy for children to engage in a high-risk lifestyle that is rife with STDs” or “[regardless of the heterosexist curriculum as it stands] it’s not that we don’t like gay people, we just don’t want children to learn about it because children are too young to hear about sexuality” etc. They say, “We think homosexuality is disgusting and we are against it.” That is it.

  6. DaveD says

    I can certainly imagine Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter doing such a video, yes. GWB, probably not. GHWB? Good question. Reagan? Well, probably not, but I can imagine him doing an anti-bullying video. (I’m not a fan of Reagan, but I don’t think he would have been in favor of bullying.)

  7. Hercules Grytpype Thynne says

    that would be a good one to at to the old advice
    “Never play cards with a man called Doc.
    “Never eat at a place called Mom’s.”

    “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.”

  8. Cor (formerly evil) says

    Yes, Ronald Reagan was a paragon of virtue. Hurrying along thousands of souls to heaven from their lowly station as Salvadoran campesinos. Or perhaps Perkins was thinking about those sleazy, coke-dealing terrorists the contras, and how these “moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers” supported traditional family values.
    President Reagan was also prominent in the general war on women and children and showed true courage by slashing AFDC, housing aid, food stamps, and other support systems for parents – especially nutritional aid to schools.

    No. No I can’t imagine Reagan being on the humane side of an issue. So much the better for the sinners.

  9. says

    So far as I’m concerned, the modern anti-gay movement is no different than Stormfronters or the Klan; they simply have a different target for their hatred. The latter two never tried to claim being black or Jewish is a “choice”; they straightforwardly hate such people for who they are. As for the anti-gay movement — *maybe* a few decades ago you could honestly argue “It’s a choice” or “it’s a mental disorder” but there is now a large and growing body of evidence that sexual preferences are innate and genetic. (I vaguely recall a study showing measurable differences in the fingerprint patterns of gay vs. straight men — something about the number and quality of the whorls and curves, I forget exactly what — but you are indisputably born with your fingerprints, and do not choose them.)

  10. pinky says


    But don’t call them bigots or anything! Because they’re not.

    Thanks for your candor Brandon, however it is unlikely you will sway me from my opinion because you did not provide any reasoning for your statement.

    The argument of how a person becomes a homosexual is irrelevant. Regardless if homosexuals are born that way or choose to be gay they are adults and have the right to do as they please as long as they harm none. Any harm resulting from being gay is solely in the minds of the fundamentally religious. In my opinion the terrible slander the fundy propaganda machines grind out are nothing more than cynical cherry picking of their bible to get their minions to cough up more and more money.☦

    I know two things; the bible is not my book – I will not be governed by it and anyone who discriminates based on conditions that are none of their business is a bigot, anyone who discriminates to the point of encouraging violence is a dangerous bigot.

    So Brandon come on back and try to convince me with your reasoned civil arguments. I am truly interested to know why you believe the Family Research Council are not bigots. Do you think as I do that the FRC is advocating violence against young children whose peers have labeled as gay?

    It is safe to talk here. Ed’s blog has never caused any broken bones although some cognitive dissonance has been suspected and some egos have been bruised.

    (☦ I have often wondered how those well dressed, well fed, well housed pastors, apostles, prophets, whatever grandiose title they use now, will fly their private jets through the eye of the needle.)

  11. D. C. Sessions says

    The FRC, like all anti-gay bigots, actually wants to make sure that the lives of gay people are as miserable as possible.

    If there weren’t a chance that somewhere some kid would actually take it seriously, it would be soooooo good to do an “it gets worse” project with a Colbert take on “even if you survive high school, we will make college a living hell and if, somehow, you survive that we’re waiting for you in the working world. You can never escape, and it will only get worse.”

  12. Molly, NYC says

    You’d expect that, even if these people believe there’s something wrong about being gay, they’d at least draw the line at bullying, abuse, violence, etc.

    But they never do. Every anti-gay-bashing measure that comes down the pike, no matter how modest, sensible or humane (even, as with the It Gets Better campaign, privately funded, videotaped equivalents of a kind word to a stranger) they’re always squarely, firmly, fervently, reliably against it.

    This says two things:
    (a) The reason they’re never, ever on board with anti-gay-bashing efforts isn’t because the message needs tweaking, or although discouraging gay-bashing, it encourages something they disapprove of, or whatever else they say.

    They oppose these efforts because they’re just plain pro-gay-bashing. They think it’s absolutely swell. If gay-bashing was a man, they’d gay-marry it.

    (b) People who believe sex is immoral rarely think anything else is. (1)

    1. I may have mentioned this elsewhere today in another thread on this very blog; forgive me if I’m belaboring the point.

  13. pinky says

    Sarcasm Janice? Are you sure?

    Perhaps, but since I’m not that bright, I need some assistance such as voice inflection or facial expression. Writing is a poor medium to express sarcasm.

    BTW – what I wrote was not sarcasm, I really do want to hear the opinions of other people. “I learn the most from people who disagree with me”. I don’t remember who I’m quoting.

  14. dingojack says

    Perhaps Pinky jumped the snark shark…? :) Dingo
    TEEN1: Was that, like, sarcasm or irony?
    TEEN2: [sadly] Dude, I just don’t know anymore…

  15. says

    I think 999 out of a thousand readers would recognize that Brandon was mocking the moronic sort of protest the FRC would make when confronted with their own bigotry.

  16. Upright Ape says

    At 386sx:
    No, they wouldn’t. Just like Washington, Jackson, or Pierce would not come put and call salvery evil. I think you are a troll anyway. I think it is all about harrassing others online.

  17. Brandon says

    Yes pinky, that was snark. I was making fun of the fact that bigots always deny they are bigots, even when they so clearly are. I could have also said, “I’m sure they have lots of gay friends!”

    The Google employee video was sweet. Do you know if the video was officially endorsed by Google?

  18. raven says

    They oppose these efforts because they’re just plain pro-gay-bashing. They think it’s absolutely swell. If gay-bashing was a man, they’d gay-marry it.

    You can never underestimate how warped and inhuman some fundie xians are.

    A lot of them think it is a great idea when some gay kid commits suicide. Best thing that ever happened to them. It can even be their own kid.

    Utah has the highest teenage suicide rate in the USA. A lot of them are gay Mormon teenagers. One kid’s mother was interviewed after the funeral. She said something to the effect that it was a good thing he was gone. And yes, she was some sort of meat robot Mormon.

    I’ve dealt with HIV denialists in the past. They are a motly group. Some are fundie xians who know that HIV causes AIDS, a fatal disease. They are just pretending that it doesn’t because they think it’s god’s punishment for being gay. They don’t want gays to seek life saving treatment. They want them to get sick and die.

    And oh yeah, y’all realize that xianity is the basis of all morality.

  19. raven says

    Last year Allison Black, who has a gay child and is LDS, founded Ogden’s PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) chapter to support gay children of all religions and their parents. She was spurred to do so after a North Ogden man killed himself, she said, because he was rejected by his LDS family.

    “He’s been dead a year and still doesn’t have a headstone,” Black said. “At his funeral his parents said ‘We just feel he’s better off.’ How can any parent say that? I just don’t know.”

    I do. They are well brainwashed meat robots from an ugly mind control cult known as the Mormon so called church.

  20. ehmm says

    How to respond to this…?

    I’ve seen Tony Perkins in the media from time to time and he has, at times, really infuriated me. I think he’s wrong on marriage rights, separation of church and state & the national day of prayer to name a few.

    However, in spite of whatever disagreements I have with him, I never thought of him as a bad or immoral or evil person, until today.

    For the sake of argument, I’ll even happily concede that he isn’t a deranged fundamentalist or a bigoted homophobe. But what he’s done is signed his name to a letter designed to shake money out of people by slagging a program who’s sole aim is to convince alienated children to *not* commit suicide.

    Fuck. You.

    Well Tony, you’ve inspired me. Chances are good I may be out of work in a few months, but I’ll happily part with a few hundred dollars to give to organizations dedicated to fighting these idiots. I’m thinking I’ll spread it around a little but I’m drawing a blank at the moment.

    If anyone has any ideas, I’ll happily take suggestions. No personal bank accounts please. ;)

  21. Martin says

    I’ve often thought that most organizations with “Family” in their name should replace it with “Patriarchy”.

  22. cptdoom says

    Can you imagine George Washington, Ronald Reagan or any other president telling school children it’s okay to be immoral…

    No, I am sure neither a slave-owner nor America’s first divorced President (and, yes Tony, the word is supposed to be capitalized) would ever condone an immoral lifestyle choice.

    dingojack – just checking, that’s both sarcasm and ironic, right?

  23. pinky says

    Ummm Brandon…in that case – never mind.

    Seriously I apologize. This isn’t the first time I’ve done the oblivious thing.

    Are you open for a plea bargain? From felony stupidity to negligent awareness of the world around me?

  24. Danaleigh says

    This is just mindboggling. The It Gets Better project is explicitly aimed at *saving lives*. I think it’s a great message for all teenagers to hear, but especially for LGBT youth. This makes me think of my favorite Designing Women episode, where Mary Jo has to speak at a PTA meeting about providing condoms. She talks about a friend who is dying of AIDS, and ends her beautiful speech with the following:

    “More important than what any civic leaders, PTA, or Board of Education thinks about teenagers having sex, or any immoral act that my daughter or your son might engage in…the bottom line is I don’t think they should have to die for it.”

    By attacking the It Gets Better project, the Family Research Council has just proven that they *do* think gay kids should have to die, not even necessarily for any supposedly immoral *act* but for the mere fact of having a sexual *orientation* they don’t like. For that they and everyone who agrees with them are scum who are apparently without a single drop of empathy or compassion.

  25. pinky says


    I didn’t just jump the snark shark I fell in the fracken tank.

    Cheeses thats embarrassing.

  26. Chiroptera says

    Molly, NYC at 3:49: You’d expect that, even if these people believe there’s something wrong about being gay, they’d at least draw the line at bullying, abuse, violence, etc.

    In fact, not too long ago Ed (I think) had a post quoting some cretin saying that gay kids should be bullied.

  27. teawithbertrand says

    These folks are really showing their tru colors on this one. They’re not just anti-gay, they’re anti-decency and anti-compassion, too. How convenient for them that their god hates all the same people that they do.

  28. Fifth Dentist says

    “They’re not just anti-gay, they’re anti-decency and anti-compassion, too.”

    Comassion requires empathy. And as we all know, Glenn Beck thinks empathy leads to Nazi genocide.
    In my experience, many conservatives have little capacity for abstract thinking. That’s why they are immune to humor — except their humor, which involves physically or psychologically hurting others. Now that, they find funny.
    They just can’t imagine themselves in another person’s shoes. Maybe it’s the magical thinking that every person is in the position he is in because Bible-god put him there, and who are we to question god’s judgment? Totally black and white. It’s not growing up in unfortunate circumstances; it’s not an illness that wipes out a family’s savings. It’s a moral failing.
    They literally lack the ability to feel human emotion for other people.
    So you get this mindset: The poor are all lazy welfare cheats, so fuck ’em. Fags choose to suck dicks, and god hates man-on-man sex more than any other sin, so fuck ’em. Exterminate all the brutes!

  29. Modusoperandi says

    Upright Ape “…and call salvery evil.”
    I don’t know if salvery is evil. It all depends on how well it treats wounds and sores, I guess.

    teawithbertrand “These folks are really showing their tru colors on this one. They’re not just anti-gay, they’re anti-decency and anti-compassion, too.”
    It’s right there in the bible;

    “Blessed are the assholes, because fuck Unpopular Minorities.”

  30. says

    The Google employee video was sweet. Do you know if the video was officially endorsed by Google?

    It was officially endorsed and Google actually put an ad on tv promoting the It Gets Better Project Which I have to give them a lot of credit for since they took quite a risk of backlash from anti-gay groups by running that ad.

  31. says

    They actually believe that people choose their sexuality the way they choose which car to buy.

    I never did get that. I’m painfully straight and I recall my years in puberty as a horrible time, in which I staggered around drooling from all the testosterone, wanting to hump chair-legs and telephone poles, and picking fights with varsity football players. I’m not stereotyping: that was my experience. None of that was my damn choice, either. I just happened to land close to the middle of the bell curve, rather than at one of the tails, that’s all. But none of us have any choice – if it’s nature or nurture, we have either zero control or “damn near zero” control.

    It all comes down to this illusion of “free will” that the christians think they have. It lets them dichotomize choices where we actually don’t have any, and ignore the things that are forced upon us by calling them choices. Silly, silly creos.

  32. Tim DeLaney says

    Perhaps obscured in the Brandon-Pinky exchange is the following from Pinky’s post that I think bears emphasis:

    The argument of how a person becomes a homosexual is irrelevant. Regardless if homosexuals are born that way or choose to be gay they are adults and have the right to do as they please as long as they harm none.

    I might quibble with the word “adults” (Why not “people”?), but Pinky rightly identifies the central issue. The issue is not about biology, it’s about human rights.

  33. Michael Heath says

    I think the propaganda published by the Christian right is largely effective with their target audience where it’s easy to discern why. However I found this letter to be less than compelling even if one takes the perspective of the target audience. Conservative Christians are going down in flames on at least the bullying aspect because I perceive only those who make money on hating gays and a mere minority of the Christianist populace is up for continued outright hatred of gays – and those that remain vocal haters to the degree this letter will resonate with are mostly dying out. Our message of equality is sinking in even with them, if only in the public square (certainly not in their churches where they still treat females unequal to men).

    Tony Perkins’ half-hearted attempt appears to have him going through the motions analogous to President Bush demanding a constitutional amendment to deny equal rights to gays and their families in his SOTU speeches and then mostly shutting up about it altogether the rest of the time (with the exception of his party’s 2004 state-level anti-gay initiatives to turn out the conservative Christian vote).

  34. raven says

    didn’t Ronald Reagan have a gay son who he accepted?

    Not that I know of.

    Former VP Dick Cheney does have a lesbian daughter that he has never persecuted or disowned. Rather amazing when you think about what Dick Cheney is like.

  35. daniel rotter says

    “…equally disappointed to see pro-homosexual videos…”

    “pro-homosexual,” not “pro-homosexuality?” So much for the “hate the sinner, love the sin,” mantra (which is just inconsistent bullshit, anyway. You can bet that if someone called Christianity an “abomination,” the FRC would be labeling that person as “anti-Christian,” not “anti-Christianity”).

  36. Aquaria says

    You know, I don’t get this recruitment business.

    Me, you could talk to me all day about gay this or lesbian that, and I’d still be heterosexual. I should know. I actually had a gay roommate. The gay didn’t rub off on me, although it was tons of fun to check out dudes together! Saved me a lot of agony, that’s for sure.

    How one can go from something so innocuous as “It’s okay to be gay” to a demand to be homosexual is one of the mysteries of the universe. Do they miss the implicit assumption that’s part of the statement? You know, that part left unsaid, like “It’s okay to be gay–if that’s what you are.” I guess it’s only natural that anyone stupid enough to be a Christarded bigot isn’t going to be well-versed in reading between lines.

    You have to wonder how easily these idiots are influenced by what someone tells them to do. I mean, they’re always so worried about people being lured into homosexuality just because some authority figure might say, “It’s okay to be gay (if you are).”

    This is the problem with having a worldview that relies on mindless and obsequious submission to authority. Down deep, you know you can be led into something that you might not want to do, or something that could be “wrong”, so you think others are just as mindless and gullible as to be led astray.

    Do you suppose any of them know what to do, morally, without consulting their scumbag “authorities”?

    And it’s atheists who are amoral/immoral? Really?

  37. Aquaria says

    They actually believe that people choose their sexuality the way they choose which car to buy their religion.


    Religion is a better analogy in this case.

    I don’t remember anyone condemning to death anyone who bought a Ford rather than a Chevy, or being okay with them being assaulted, either. But people have been condemned for their religion. And usually by the kind of scumbags who write press releases like this one.

  38. required says

    They care about the family but are opposed to marriage and have no problem with bullying in schools.

  39. Valhar2000 says

    Brandon says:

    I could have also said, “I’m sure they have lots of gay friends!”

    Well, they do, don’t they? At the very least, they are public restroom buddies.

    Noadi says:

    Which I have to give them a lot of credit for since they took quite a risk of backlash from anti-gay groups by running that ad.

    What are they gonna do? Use Altavista?

    Aquaria says:

    You know, I don’t get this recruitment business.

    Neither do I. I once read a comment on this site, in response to another of these recruitment arguments, to said “Anyone who can say something like that with a straight face does not know what it is like to be a heterosexual man”. Ain’t that the truth.

    I assume heterosexual women may have broadly similar experiences?

  40. plutosdad says

    “ok to be immoral”
    Actually kids aren’t teased for being immoral, they are teased for being different. The normal kids aren’t following the different kids around trying to catch them having gay sex, then making fun of them for it. No, they are making fun of the boys who are less masculine, or smaller, or like art or theater. Or girls who are different than the other girls.

    They are conflating two different things, and they know it. Even if they were right that homosexuality itself is bad, they’d still have no business taking this anti-anti-suicide position.

    We should just call them the Pro Teen Suicide Council.

    It reminds me of the parable of the Good Samaritan, where the priests and rabbis walked on by the man in need, because he was “unclean”. These people are just like that, turning their backs on children in need, because they think something is wrong with those children. They might as well be the bullies themselves.

    Well in the end if their god is real, they will be rewarded, as Jesus said “better for a millstone to be tied around their neck” than to let a child come to harm.

    Too bad he’s not real and we can’t rely on him to punish these evil despicable people who applaud violence in his name.

  41. plutosdad says

    Oh i forgot the “and thrown into the sea” part, the millstone doesn’t do much good without getting thrown into the ocean :)

  42. says

    …didn’t Ronald Reagan have a gay son who he accepted?

    No, but his younger son Ron was in the Joffrey II ballet company for awhile; which may have got him pegged as “gay” or at least “not 100% masculine” in some people’s eyes.

    Incidentally, I heard Ron’s eulogy at his dad’s burial — not as sharp as Thatcher’s, but a lot sharper than both Bushes and his (truly pathetic) older brother Michael put together. I hope he runs for office someday — he’d make a great Democrat.

  43. says

    What’s really sad is that these people think of “transgendered” as just another “perversion.” Scientists may be able to debate whether GLB is a choice or something genetically programmed, but for goodness sake, when a person is born with all or part of two physical reproductive systems, part male and part female, there can be no “choice” involved. I personally believe that sexual orientation is in-born, not recruited, not peer pressured. Others do not believe this, but they should at least believe that when a person presents both male and female body parts, the confusion and ridicule this person grows up with is devastating. When we see the number of suicides among GLBT youth, it’s pretty clear we need to help these kids, not accuse them of immorality and sin.

  44. Salmo says

    Lyn, that’s not what Transgendered means. You’re thinking of intersex. TG is when a person’s mind and body are at odds, genderically speaking.


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