‘Patriots’ Violate Flag Code to Protest Flag ‘Desecration’

A few hundred hyper-emotional uber-patriots descended on Valdosta State University to sing Lee Greenwood and show the world how very much they care about a piece of colored cloth and how little they care for the freedom it allegedly represents. Punchline: A lot of them violated the U.S. Flag Code while doing so.
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Bolling: Former NFL Players are ‘Wussies’ For Talking About Head Trauma

Eric Bolling, the third dumbest man on Fox News (behind Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade) says that Mike Ditka and Brett Favre are “wussies” for saying that they wouldn’t let their son play football given the huge risk of lifelong damage from head trauma. Easy for a guy to say when he hasn’t had Reggie White and Julius Peppers smashing them to the ground for 20 years. Nothing like macho bluster from a guy safely sitting in a TV studio.
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Wherever Four or More Bigots Gather In His Name…

James Dobson hosted three fellow bigots on his radio show — Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher, and Jim Garlow — and I found it almost comical to see where they’re at in the five stages of grieving over the inevitable loss on same-sex marriage. Anger, bargaining, even a hint of acceptance, along with absurd hope.
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The Triumphant Return of Robin DesCamp

A few months ago I wrote a post about the dumbest Dear Abby letter ever, from a mother who found out her son was an atheist and wanted to refuse to pay for the reception because her son wasn’t willing to “compromise” (read: do what we demand). The letter was answered by Robin DesCamp, who no longer writes for the site I found it on but now has her own website where she answers letters, usually hilariously. She’s like the Wonkette of advice columnists.

Not Racist Woman Leaves Note Full of Racial Slurs for Neighbor

Parking disputes seem to be the order of the day lately. A woman in Oregon who is totally not a racist left a note for her neighbor, a naturalized citizen born in Ghana, repeatedly calling her a nigger and saying that she now hates niggers because of her. It apparently involved a parking dispute.
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