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Sep 25 2013

The Unintentionally Worst Thing Heard About Grand Theft Auto V

So I was listening to NPR. On NHPR’s “Word of Mouth”, a discussion of Grand Theft Auto… let’s see… it was The Bankable Legacy Of Grand Theft Auto; audio is available at the link. There was discussion of the economics, of the controversy, of misrepresentation of an adult game as a bad children’s game… honestly, …

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Sep 16 2013

Resistant Strains

The nasty microscopic bugs We try to fight with special drugs Consider penicillin just a problem to be solved We dose ourselves at every cough And kill a large percentage off Forgetting that survivors mean the critters have evolved And now, the CDC explains, We’re dealing with resistant strains And every day that passes brings …

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Sep 04 2013

Time To Bring Back Public Whippings! (Or, Maybe, Not)

We’re pampering our prisoners We’re treating them like guests Instead of just ignoring them We honor their requests Free food, a bed, and exercise, We cater to their needs When what they’ve earned is punishment It’s harshness that succeeds No coddling them with training, Cos they’ll never get a job No need for education, Cos …

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Aug 26 2013

National Dog Day

So, yeah, I only found out a bit ago from Mano that it is National Dog Day* here. Knowing that I have written quite a lot about dogs, I thought I’d do the lazy thing and see what sort of dog verse (doggerel?) I could dig up. I’ve written quite a few doggy things, from …

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Aug 12 2013

How Could Anyone Disagree?

I have grown quite accustomed To freethinking sorts So I’m used to the things that we say The atheist angle On latest reports Or our spin on the news of the day; A breadth of opinion (It’s quite a broad mix) And a thorough review of the laws With proper attention To article six And …

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Aug 05 2013

Ah, So *That’s* Where The Fat Went!

A rack of ribs; a leg of lamb; A turkey roast; a marbled ham; We used to cut the fat off, just to eat it! The drippings from the roasting pan We use for gravy, quite by plan— For flavor, you can’t beat it. But now, our culture’s seen a change And eating fat is …

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Jul 22 2013


Three hundred sixty nine. That’s the current number, as of when I got caught up with the present, a moment or two ago. I mentioned, last post, that I’m gathering up my verses in preparation for another book. This 369 verses represents the quick-and-dirty sort–anything that I just hated didn’t make the cut; muse of …

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Jul 17 2013

Too Good To Be True

This is Bob, from Widget Industries—I work in personnel— I’m just checking up on references for one Ignatius Shell, Who assures us, as his manager, you really knew him well So I’m hoping you can help us out a bit. Yes, I’m looking at his resume, and he looks like quite a catch Since it …

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Jun 12 2013

Privacy? Nevermore!

Once upon a conversation, I received a revelation— Just a tiny aberration in the phone line could be heard It was near too faint for hearing, all too quickly disappearing, And it surely had me fearing they had listened to my word But of course, there is no reason to be snooping for my word …

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Jun 01 2013

Belief In Satan Leads To Terrible Things… In Priests.

It isn’t just God that believers believe in— There are angels and demons as well; But I don’t really think there’s a Devil at all So I guess I’ll be heading for Hell There’s a priest who believes that he’s figured us out; Though his logic’s a little bit odd; Not believing in Satan (he …

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