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Sep 23 2011

Never Was Good With Machines…

Actually, the original title was “The singularity can’t come soon enough”, but I found that the people who googled “can’t come soon enough” weren’t actually looking for my writing. This is one of my faves from the old digs; today’s earlier post on the Internet Of Things put it in mind. I have a machine …

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Sep 23 2011

Attack of the Internet Of Things

The ID chip in my brand-new shoes And the ID chip in my jeans Have been talking to strangers I pass on the street And I’m not really sure what that means The chip in my shirt holds a brief conversation With chips in the windows of stores It talks to the bagels and talks …

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Sep 03 2011

What, you’re supposed to let people know these things?

So I see that Greta Christina is actually telling people that she is on twitter. What an odd idea, letting people know how they can find you; I’ve always tended more towards hiding from them. But I have tremendous respect for Greta, and am willing to grant that, just maybe, she might be on to …

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Aug 31 2011

Apple and Gods

So there have been any number of stories recently about Steve Jobs, due to his recent retirement. Here, for instance, PZ talks about some of what Jobs did so incredibly well. Me, I’m just going to take advantage of the current situation to repost a recent comment on a neurological finding. Mac-ily crack-ily Apple Enthusiasts …

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Aug 12 2011

Headline Muse, 8/12

If pollutants are sending you reeling In the waters with which you are dealing And you’re looking to shed Heavy metals, like lead, You might find bananas appealing Headline: Slippery Banana Peels Could Be A Savior For Polluted Water Ok, so it’s not really a headline, it’s from NPR’s health blog, “Shots”. But it’s cool. …

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Oct 15 2009

Someone Is Wrong On The Internet

Someone Is Wrong …On The Internet,And I won’t get to sleep for a while,Cos I’ll stay up and fight if it takes me all nightWhen I know I am right and my coffee is strongBecause Someone Is Wrong!…On The InternetAnd the cases they cite are all lame;I don’t mean to be picky, but hell, it’s …

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Apr 21 2008

I just love XKCD!

I want to make peace with my laptop computer;I think that its feelings were hurt.It read what I wrote–at least, that’s what I figure;Since then, it’s been rather more curt.It’s dialogue boxes are monosyllabic,I swear it’s beginning to pout.Now I’m thinking that, maybe, it’s bored in that box,So I’m working on letting it out. I …

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Feb 23 2008

The singularity can’t come soon enough

The New York Times reports on a journal article in Analytical Chemistry, by researchers at the Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland, about a machine designed to answer the question: “Can a machine taste coffee?” Here’s where it gets brilliant. Sure, machines can detect the volatile compounds in coffee; this is how we know that there …

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