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Jan 26 2014

Yet Another Case Of Ignorance = God

Science looks for laws by which The real world is constrained But, gee willikers—free will occurs, Which physics can’t explain! So… physics must be incomplete; A reasonable conclusion— Of course, there is another one: Free will is an illusion. A writer over at The Daily Paul (don’t laugh!–their motto is “Peace, Gold, Love”) demonstrates the …

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Jan 04 2014

New Frontiers In The Science Of Pooping Dogs

Pooping dog, aligned with magnetic North.

The dogs both whine the time is right— I pull on boots and lace them tight, I grab the leash, and day or night It’s off we troop! Two hopeful spots are both declined— My dogs must have a place in mind; The search goes on until they find Where they will poop. The perfect …

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Dec 18 2013

Well, That Was Unexpected!

Apparently, I’m in OpenLab 2013. I did not even know I had been nominated! It’s for this verse, here, and I couldn’t be happier. You see, it’s an example of my very own verse form (for more on that form, read this… and if you happen to be Stephen Fry, or a close friend of …

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Nov 20 2013

Ah… Memories…

I remember it so clearly It’s as if it just occurred I remember every image, Every moment, every word; I remember every instant, Every story, brief or long, I remember it forever… But I just remember wrong. I can tell you all that happened On a day ten years ago— I can tell you, I …

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Sep 19 2013

Finally, A Pick-up Guide That Works!

“How to pick up women (with science)“, by Dean Burnett, over at the Guardian. Since the dawn of humanity, when virile men were knuckle-dragging troglodytes untouched by evolution They needed to pick up women, and looked to experts for a solution These pick-up artists (or in some special cases, artistes) Took pity on the manly …

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Aug 04 2013

Mortality, And Blue Glowing Worms

Observing dying worms, we see A glowing blue mortality Beginning in the head— It spreads, still glowing, gradually, And with the light, eventually, C elegans is dead. The genes that moderate this show Are widely shared, and so we know That people have them too And when it’s time to let life go The worms …

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Jul 10 2013


Thinkingly, winkingly, Internet videos Promise us puppies who Patently plan; Claim that it isn’t just Anthropomorphism— Clearly, these canines are Thinking like Man Over at NPR’s 13.7:Cosmos And Culture blog, Barbara J. King has another of her pieces on animal cognition. I very much enjoy these, even when I fundamentally disagree…like today. The post is …

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Jul 07 2013

“Reality Beyond The Material”

“All of human experience, over millennia, suggests a richness and complexity of reality beyond the material.” I’ve heard there’s a heaven, its streets paved with gold, Where diamonds and platinum gleams It’s as real as my hand is, or so I’ve been told, Though it might just be Swedenborg’s dreams. I’ve heard I have angels …

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Jun 19 2013

Does Life Have A Purpose?

What does it mean to be alive? What is life’s purpose, if any? Material stuff that wants, that strives, To turn its one self into many What does it mean to have an urge? What does it mean to struggle? Must we ensure that our gametes merge, Or is it ok just to snuggle? What …

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May 24 2013

Poisoned Baits Drive Cockroach Evolution

Evolution is cleverer than you are. Orgel’s Second Rule A little bit of tempting treat That smells and tastes so glucose-sweet Is what a cockroach loves to eat And so it will, perhaps. But human beings, as of late, Present the bugs a different fate By sweetening the poisoned bait They’re using in their traps …

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